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  1. Concept. Flight Sim (good enough for flying). Combat Sim (Fighters(shooters) and Targets)
  2. Due to the preparation of the team for the next Squadron Air To Air League (SATAL) season we open two slots for experienced F-16C pilots to join us. We are looking for: - Experience (formation flying, BVR 1v1 ready, SA, ...) - European time zone(s); - English speaking (at least on my level , not so good but good enough for team comms); - Stable interent and decent PC hardware cofiguration; - Activity (at least 3 times per week to be available for trainings/flights); - Teamplayer; - Cool guy and not so invidious (we are international team in very relaxed environment)
  3. It will be the end of MP for sure. Mark my words. ED and 3rdy not care anymore about performance impact, synchronisation all that stuff in MP, etc... And at the end - everything is EA (excuse). So, end user if want to stay (play) must have money for additional hardware or even with new hardware cry becasue of bad performance. We slowlly will need mining rig farms to play DCS.
  4. In other words we have now same exploit on opposite side (they not aggree?). Flanker is just HoJ target while F-14 and others blinking like devils.
  5. ... Here at least they offer 5 sec. It's a big move PUUUUUSH!!! Oooooff... i have compromise. Flaming Cliffs cost $49.99 - 15.00 SEC = $34.99 for a life.
  6. Reserved... (mission descritions, mission list, etc...)
  7. Hello everyone! We would like to present you our public 24/7 server on which we can offer you: Dynamic mission(s); A2A (all aircrafts available on both sides, datalink provided by AWACS for better SA, AAR provided, no missiles restricitons); A2G (very interesting target areas, very dangerous targets, not so easy to work on them, but your hard work will be rewarded and noticed by your coalition.); Helicopters (an important role for both coalitions); SRS (for good cooperation between flight groups); Tacview export allowed (5 minutes delay); Savin
  8. Thanks guys! @const @BIGNEWY
  9. Thanks. On old forum we had option to turn off sounds effect at least. Nothing to like or not... just sound effect anoying when i need move my mouse above lights (hover), i need use browser/forum functions but cant avoid lights then BOOOOM!.
  10. Working on PC almost 8-10 hours every day in MY house while my family is somewhere around me, specially kids. Speakers, Sound is On and just imagine small kids in some of their minds in pretty cool house atmosphere get suddenly some CRAZY and IDIOTIC loud sound of broken glass... It is not pleasant, it can scare and upset everyone. For this shitty effect you have no my permision. So i want to turn it OFF. If that is not possible then DELTE MY ACCOUNT, i dont want to be part of this and spent my time on this place anymore. @ED Forum team or @BIGNEWY I dont want any discussion, ju
  11. Is this correct behavior? AMRAAM NOW.zip.acmi
  12. In Saved Games / Server Directory / Config there is serverSettings.lua and line [description]: cfg = { ["current"] = 4, ["description"] = " ADD HERE YOUR SERVER DESCRIPTION "
  13. We are 14thVFS Samurais, F-16c focused, competitive and mostly European fighter squadron. We looking for english speaking, active, persistent, dedicated and experienced (at least basic knowledge) F-16c pilots that want to enjoy in team work. Monday, Wednesday and Friday are our official training days but also we are active almost every day around 1800z. If you are team player, searching for promising competitive team and you will enjoy in trainings, want explore approaches and doctrines in air-to-air combat JOIN US!!! You can chat with us on Discord: https:
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