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  1. Thank you both for replying. Just to follow up, I ended up placing the troops at the arrival location and set their start time way later then the mission would end. Then I set a zone "Transport1 Arrive" and a trigger condition: ONCE (Tranport1 Arrive, NO EVENT) UNIT INSIDE ZONE (Transport-1-1, Transport1 Arrive) and UNIT'S SPEED BELOW (Transport-1-1,0.05) GROUP ACTIVATE (Troops-1) It's really fiddly and I had to set up a separate trigger for individual transport vehicles. I could have just put all the troops in one group and used "PART OF GROUP IN ZONE (...)", but I wanted to incentivize partial destruction of the convoy, and this would spawn a who convoy worth of dudes from just one vehicle. Hope this help until the work gets completed, Yar
  2. Hello all, I've been trying to get 1x Infantry AK-74 Rus into a 1x BMP-1 and not having any luck. (Ideally it would be more, but I'm trying to eliminate as many possible variables as I can) In several tutorials I've seen soldiers being embarked/disembarked from Helos (which I've gotten to work), and I see "Perform Task -> Embarking" available on several IFVs, APCs, Trucks, and the like. I can even set it up in ME the same as a Helo. The problem is when I run the mission the Transport stops at the embark location, the soldiers walk over and ad stand next to it, hours pass, the IFV paintjob is admired by the soldiers, the sun goes down, grass grows, the soldiers families begin to miss them, etc. I've tried "Transportable" on and off for both units, different ACPs/IFVs/Trucks, and different infantry units and can't get any of them to work. Is this a bug? Do I need the Combined Arms module to use this function? If I put this mission on a server will every client need CA? Thanks in advance, Yar
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