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  1. GVO

    So it is "D"

    This is my dream module after the Tomcat. I can’t wait to fly it
  2. Damn, this would be a fantastic addon for DCS! Can’t wait to hear more about this in the future
  3. It really is a fantastic addition to DCS! Thank you ED for the hard work
  4. I tried in 2D and went from 100 to 30 fps. I haven't tried in VR yet
  5. Thanks for the update. I would much rather wait with new weapons and getting some more IMO needed and wanted features like ATFLIR, RWS RAID, INS/GPS, Radar SPOT mode and mission card.
  6. I have the same problem. Did a lot of testing first with loft bombing and then with normal level auto bombing. And the result was always the same, like Falcon.
  7. Hello Creepy, In my last tests, I had 0 wind, tried different targets, even using the TGP to mark a target, if something was wrong with the height (of the waypoint) in the Mission Editor. And I always made at least 3 different attack runs from different ingress points. Thanks, GVO
  8. I've been trying to get my loft bombing more accurate but no matter what I do, they always lands 100-300ft after the target. I keep speed 550-600+, about 6 miles from target I pull up to 30 degrees and don't make any inputs from there besides horizontal and it settles around 33-34 degrees. Hold trigger and the bombs goes away. And I tried different speeds, drop angles, how close to target before I pull up and always the same result. I even tried a level auto bombing and they still flew too far. Anyone has the same problem or perhaps can see what I do wrong? Thanks, GVO
  9. Yes still broken/overloaded. Today I don't get the error message when logging in but no modules under modules manager and it takes forever to register them
  10. When 2.5.6 came out, I noticed a lot of people mentioning worse FPS in VR. I didn't and actually thought I noticed an increase. Anyway a few days ago I updated my windows to 1909 and after that I had stuttering and noticed a big decrease in FPS. It could be because I played other missions or something. I am not sure tbh but before I rarely got below 40 FPS (Rift S) unless I was on a crowded airport. Just wondering if anyone else had the same problem.
  11. When I'm in a dogfight, the big X on the HUD, usually gets in my way of aiming the reticle on the target. Is there any way to turn it off, like a circuit breaker? I guess not, but just wanted to check. Have a nice day all.
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