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  1. Thanks, I will hang some stuff! It occurs to me now that I did have plenty of "track-able" things up in the last room and no black curtains in front like that, so that is likely the issue here
  2. Ok thanks, I will set it up again later and make sure I'm straight ahead. I may end up just reinstalling everything related to WMR and the G2 because I am having a persistent issue in "the other flight sim" where, if I look to the right or left, I only see empty cockpits unless I move my flight stick slightly in that same direction, at which point the pilots show up in the cockpits. (also applies to smaller ground targets). I am guessing that is something related to alignment, but I'll have to tinker some more.
  3. Hey all - I moved my setup to a new room and this time I have my monitor offset to the right (so I can walk around behind it and get to a closet) - I seem to be having issues maintaining 6dof in the new area and I'm wondering: 1. When doing the WMR seated setup, should I point the G2 straight ahead (basically in-line with the UFC and MFDs since I'm sitting) or do I need to point it at the monitor? Or the PC, which is located 90 degrees to the right of the seat off-camera. 2. Any issues with the black curtain and white wall straight ahead? I had no 6dof issues in the last room I had this in so I'm sure it is something simple, thanks.
  4. Are there any plans to get official support for the F104 Starfighter (mentioned above) and also the Hercules mod without having to edit a LUA every load up?
  5. Hi,Jack (see what I did there) - thanks for the reply! I ultimately decided to just build my own dedicated box to replace the aging and inefficient 4th gen i3 system that I currently have the DCS server and my media server on. I think I spent roughly around the same that the NAS + ram upgrade would have cost me and the performance should be much better! Hopefully
  6. I currently have a dedicated server running on a PC that is also my media server - I am migrating the media over to a Synology NAS so I can ditch the old PC (for power saving purposes). Is it possible to install and have a DCS server running on a NAS box?
  7. Thanks, I will do this today. I used shaders prior to the update and was hoping to be able to stay vanilla, but clearly that won’t work out What are you running with fsr? .77 and .9 sharpening or something else?
  8. 1. They haven't even acknowledged that there is an optimization issue, their solution was to reduce to 60% resolution 2. The majority of responses on this post have indicated poor performance with the Mosquito 3. Nobody asked you for your opinion and when I need to get advice from a fanboy, I'll reach out to you. Here is an idea: maybe they shouldn't release something until it works well on a flatscreen AND in VR, at a minimum, even in early access. Thanks for your poorly written input though.
  9. I have posted the issue here as well. The response from ED on the matter is a joke: reduce resolution to 60%. Ignore the fact that my settings are great for every other module except this one lol
  10. Reducing down to 60% just to scrape FPS in the 40s for the Mosquito is not a solution and, since you are one of the folks who responded to my support ticket about this, I think it is even worse that you would be okay suggesting that for a game that you work on. I would be appalled to have to tell a customer "oh yeah just make the Mosquito look like **** so it works good, who cares if you spent a bunch of money on top of the line hardware". To reiterate: My settings work on everything except the Mosquito. That is a Mosquito issue, not a user issue. Reducing settings every time just for one plane is not reasonable. And your response on the ticket is also very disappointing. the ED EULA is a joke! If I buy a module and have buyer's remorse, I understand not issuing a refund or a store credit. I certainly have a couple planes just collecting dust because I regretted purchasing them (A-10, Harrier, to name a few). But in this case, you are telling us all that even if the fault is in your module, we are out of luck. Smart business model though: Lose a customer(s) over a $40 module so they stop spending $100s in the long run as we release new products. ::eyeroll::
  11. I think you read that in reference to Microsoft Flight Simulator - the OpenXR dev tools have no impact on DCS.
  12. Do you find that everything still looks good with 60% SteamVR? I see we have similar systems, so I‘ll give it a try tomorrow, but I’m worried it would start looking not-so-great that low.
  13. I just did the same test again, using FPSVR again and the results are the same: If I am sitting in the Mossie, I am getting 28-33 fps and high 20s frame times. As soon as I switch to any other module, 13-16ms frame times with rock steady 45fps. I switched back and forth several times with the same result. I actually did a recording too, but for some reason the FPSVR overlay was not visible in the video so that didn't work out. Either way, if my settings work fine for every other module/map I own, and quickly degrade as soon as I get into the Mosquito, how can it be an issue with anything except the Mosquito?? The overclock on my GPU is very minor/stable and it still wouldn't explain the Mosquito-only issues.
  14. My settings are fine with every map and every other module I have. It is like a performance on/off switch when flying the Mosquito vs the Hornet, Tomcat, Huey, A10, etc. So, no, tweaking my settings isn't a valid solution in this case, especially given the system I am throwing at it. A better optimized product would be ideal. Edit: With no context as to your pc or headset, you not having any issues isn't helpful. If you are running a Rift S with low-med settings, I'm sure the Mossie runs fine for you.
  15. This makes me very worried about the Apache, which is the module I am most looking forward to.
  16. I initially made a post in The Channel due to atrocious VR performance but, after further testing, this seems to also be an issue with the Mosquito module itself. In my first play on The Channel, I was getting 28-33 fps with very high frame times in the Mossie and assumed it was solely an issue with The Channel. However, when testing the Mosquito on Marianas and Persian Gulf as well, I was again getting 28-33 fps with GPU and CPU frame times way above 20. When I jumped into the Hornet and Tomcat, my performance IMMEDIATELY reverted back to an easily locked 45fps with frame times in the low-mid teens. 45fps locked with low-mid frame times using high+ settings is my baseline with the system noted in my signature. The fact that switching to and from other modules back to the Mossie immediately changed the performance makes it, IMO, pretty clear that this is a module problem.
  17. After further testing, this seems to also be an issue with the Mosquito module itself. When testing the Mosquito on Marianas and Persian Gulf, I was again getting 28-33 fps with GPU and CPU frame times way above 20. When I jumped into the Hornet and Tomcat, my performance immediately reverted back to an easily locked 45fps with frame times in the low-mid teens.
  18. I’m refreshing the fxo/shaders and seeing if that helps since we just had an update.
  19. What VR headset are you using? I would be interested to know your results in the Mossie; it’s the only module I’ve ever tried on The Channel so it would probably be a good idea for me to try more than one for comparison.
  20. Hmm ok, I guess I’ll see if anyone else comments the same way, but most of the posts I’m seeing are all similar to the one I linked and my own experience today (which was terrible). I’m not sure if oculus vs wmr would have anything to do with it.
  21. I played on The Channel for the first time today (because of the Mosquito of course) and found myself with 28-35 FPS in VR (specs in signature) and terrible stuttering. I have no issues with locked 45 on every other map and basically all high settings. Came into this forum and saw posts like this one 2020 with the exact same issues from almost a full year ago. How has this not been addressed at all in a year? Pretty annoyed that I bought TC specifically for the Mosquito release and it is essentially worthless at this point.
  22. I think I am lucky enough to have a well-ventilated space and, when it does start getting warm, I turn on a little desk fan that I have on the floor, pointed directly up at me, and generally cool down in a couple minutes. Plus I can pretend the wind is blowing through my hair for a little bit
  23. I don't know if this applies to you, but for me - I CANNOT race or drive fast in VR. To this day, I can fly for hours and hours, or play any other kind of VR game (Beat Saber, shooters, etc) and be absolutely fine. However, if I drive like 10 feet in VR I get overwhelmed with motion sickness.
  24. I installed Tacview on my dedicated server because users wanted the 10 minute delay removed. Is there a way that I can disable the server recording and just have it so that clients can record locally as they desire? I just don't want to have to remember to delete track files every so often.
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