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  1. what about all the missing HMCS symbology as well as making current symbology that we have that works for AI aircraft but not client ACFT in MP work? it also appears the updated countermeasure stuff hasn’t been mentioned. Is that still planned?
  2. sure but how it is now in DCS is realistic
  3. If you can control trim by using the trim hat on the emergency flight control panel without switching to “EMER OVERRIDE” it’s a bug. I personally haven’t tried it in DCS.
  4. You absolutely can trim the A-10 to straight and level flight in DCS without using the autopilot. It just takes patients.
  5. don't agree, it takes seconds to update once power on. but yes being able to preprogrammed HMCS profiles (and other things that a proper DTC would do) would be amazing. Just don’t see it happening, people have been asking, no begging, for this for years.
  6. Hopefully ED corrects so “ON” actually is always visible. certain items it doesn’t work right now. I turn a lot of items “on” you normally wouldn’t because we don’t get all the real world symbology that the HUD should show as a “fix”
  7. Nope if you’re left eye dominate the monocle goes over the pilots left eye.
  8. Never noticed any performance impact in the past until yesterday. Jumped in a mission on the Syria map and when I had the knee boards enabled FPS was cut in half.
  9. Current ops for real world A-10c is armed at EOR prior to takeoff and safe it at EOR after landing.
  10. He isn’t thanking me, I left the 476th. But everyone is welcome to their opinion on this topic. if you say so. Lol
  11. It’s even better if you read the original document we made in the 476th that he casually mentions and what a good chunk of what he is posting here came from.
  12. That’s unfortunate was looking forward to the 25th, 75th and 163d skins. What you showed earlier looked great and very realistic for a deployed jet.
  13. Thanks Big, my G2 is arriving today and will use your settings as a start!
  14. Are birds enabled? Haven’t noticed in a while but in the past at low altitudes a random engine fire was caused by a bird strike IIRC.
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