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  1. Apparently the F4E is in the works by somebody. Was a low-key announcement but it IS supposedly in development by a proper dev team.
  2. A J-7 would be cool but we need redfors to counter the onslaught of modern Western jets, such as an MKK. I’d love a J7 or Su-17 or something like that, but it would just be another gunfighter in the Cold War server (nothing wrong with that, but we don’t need more). A more modern jet like the MKK would be a multirole, redfor F-18 in a way.
  3. Really?! I never flew the Huey but I flew the Hind and thought it felt super easy. I always heard that the Huey was one of if not the hardest module to control. That must mean...I AM THE GREATEST!
  4. Well that’s not quite what I meant. Traditional bombers take off and fly more or less in a straight line to obliterate their targets, hence why a B-17 or B-24 would be a kinda sucky module in DCS. The B-1 flies low and fast, dodging obstacles and you fly it in a reactive manor rather than a predictive manor.
  5. The B-1B would be an absolutely awesome module in DCS and I can’t see why it can’t be added. Obviously not a 2021-spec version, but a 2003ish version would be perfect! No JASSMs. But still JSOWs, JDAMs, MKs, etc. No new weapons. The B-1 flies very much like a fighter, albeit an absolutely mammoth one. More players would buy a B-1 than they would a new cargo plane that ED is talking about now. We need big aircraft but when the community says “big aircraft”, I’m pretty certain they mean BOMBERS.
  6. Interesting. Well the aspect doesn’t matter toooo much if you’re being sneaky. I see the sneakiness factor as basically the only advantage of an IR missile, besides the fire-and-forget. Thanks! Do you know an approximate range? (Like max range and max effective)
  7. Isn’t there an IR version of the R530?
  8. So, my antivirus software “intercepts malicious code” when I open the DCS website from the DCS application (usually through a link in the news section). I would like to politely ask why the hell the DCS website is being flagged by an antivirus software. Any and all (constructive) responses would be appreciated. (sent on my phone, not PC)
  9. It seems everyone has misunderstood my point. I didn’t mean that they could swap the cannons for bombs and use the aircraft as a carpet bomber, I meant that they could use it like they would’ve used it. For example, the Mosquito B models were used by the bomber command and carpet bombed targets in formation, yes? Well the normal FB’s dropped bombs on pinpoint targets such as the Amiens prison and the Gestapo HQ. They flew low and fast and were often in a shallow dive. Well a converted FB would STILL drop its bombs like a normal FB, but it would simply have more bombs to drop. I was NOT suggesting that a converted FB would drop it’s bombs like a B model.
  10. You have to remember that this was WW2, fighters were often used as ground attackers and bombers were occasionally mounted with tank guns to be ground attackers as well. Yes, you could just use a bomber version, but the FB has permanent .303s, so it could still moderately protect itself without the 20MMs. I’m not saying that it’s all too practical, I’m saying it’s possible, or so I read, but again, I could be wrong. I do think it’s plausible though. A B version would be awesome! I think it would be a moderately safe “taste tester” for the controversial practicality of bombers in DCS. A lot of people seem to think that bombers would be boring, but I think if ED decided to pull the trigger and make a B model that it would be minimal risk for them. Minimal risk, high reward. If people enjoy having a B model Mosquito, then ED would know that people would possibly like a B-17 or B-24 etc.
  11. Oh yeah, I agree! DCS isn’t about being balanced. Hell aircraft IRL are meant to be as “overpowered” as possible!
  12. Hello everyone, does anyone know if we will be able to remove the 20mm Hispano cannons in the Mission Editor to afford more space in the bomb bay? I think I read somewhere a while ago that the models with the 20mm cannons mounted in the bomb bay could be removed in order to allow for a higher bomb capacity. Is this true, and if so, will it be implemented? Thanks.
  13. It will also generate (heated) debate to people who think the EF will be “unBaLAncEd”, when being balanced isn’t the aim of DCS, realism is. I’ll also like to say that F-18 pilots will finally have to learn how to dogfight in order to get a kill. XD
  14. Approximately how long until the Mi-24P is released to stable? I’m on the standalone application, and I don’t use Open Beta, as OB would always crash for me.
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