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  1. Thanks all. i 've found the problem. its me . the trim movements are so slow now , that did'nt notice them. LOL
  2. Control helper ? uummm...no
  3. no odd bindings here. i started from a new, blank key-setup for the Pilot. i hear the servos doing their work and (as told) i see my virtual coolie hat doing all my movements correctly..... Trim has still NO effect.
  4. Hi, since the last update i can´t trim anymore. I hear the "trim-motors" (?) and i see my coolie hat moving on the stick (ingame) doing all my movements but nothing happens to the behavior of my Hind. Anyone else here ?
  5. in single player i had no problems so far but in mp only 2 of 10 attempts worked. First run at target was ok but then "game over". What ever i do.
  6. There are no obstacles in his field of vision. Just a plane open field with tanks. I can place his reticle everywhere ("look pete! - tanky !"). But nothing happens. Sometimes it happens later in flight. First we blew up some targets succsessfully with ATGM´s and a moment later Pete becomes blind and refuses to lock on target.
  7. Hi, since the last update i have two questions. Is there an way/option to fly without exhaust covers ? I like those and they let the Hind look buffed up but it could be necessary. (weight) When i chose a target for Petrovic (up/down) an overlay menu for counter measures appeares also. My key bindings are messed up a bit oO ) I would like to change that but don't find the setting for that (new?) overlay in the setup. hope you guys know what i mean .
  8. i miss the heat blurr coming out of my Hind. I see the blurr of other aircraft but never mine.
  9. Hallo, hab auch mal eine Frage an alle Fachleute als DCS Welpe habe ich mir sofort den Hind geholt. Starts und Landungen sind manchmal meine einzige Betätigung und ich setze die "kleine Eisenhummel" auf Schiffsdecks und jedem Hausdach ab...... Aaaaber gelegentlich geht mir die Leistung beim Anflug flöten. Idr in leicht bergigem Gelände. Am Helipad neben der Burgruine (Zypern, nördlich vom Flugplatz Pinabarsi auf einem kleinen Berg) passiert es schon im gemütlichen Anflug. Alles scheint tuti : ich nähere mich mit sagen wir mal 50 kmh , Sinkrate bei 3m/ sec (klappt sonst überall )und ich merke aber schon länger, dass der Heli sich da oben anfühlt, als ob er überladen wäre. (bin unbewaffnet) Ich sinke bzw komme kaum noch höher um evtl Korrekturen zu machen. Ich breche ab und setze ihn noch schnell daneben auf freies Gelände. Komme aber auch von dort kaum wieder hoch. Was ist da passiert ? Vortex fühlt sich anders an und den verstehe ich zu verhindern. Machen die Triebwerke da oben etwa schon schlapp ??
  10. I made some hits on an M1 with my 30mm brrrt into his rear from above. He started to burn. Didn´t know what i was shooting at until i came back to take a closer look. i thought it was a M113 ^^
  11. Ok, thanks. But i wonder why this happens, while i am just flying straight forward to my waypoint, without fooling around. When i fly extreme maneuvers, my hud and the Instruments come back fo a fiew seconds - but when i stabilize the chopper for normal flight it starts again.... so weird.
  12. Hi, this might be a stupid question, but Nadja is repeating (i try to type it how i heard it) "adgazal genjerate". It happens only at the "Kodor Storm" mission . I make a perfect start and after a fiew seconds my instruments go off for a while and she starts talking. What is she saying ? What am i doing wrong ? (i must do something wrong)
  13. Under what circumstances would i need to use 1 and 2 ? isn´t that the increase/decrease - RPM of my engines ? i set them to full throttle just to see what comes now - the crocodiles behavior seemed a little more agile .... (The Hind is my very first step into DCS at all. Sorry for noob questions :-) but thiese levers are something i need to know now.
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