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  1. The Herc at least lets you. I’m making a mission now where you start in the middle of the Iraqi desert.
  2. 1. There’s lots of really old “how to’s” that still work fine. Usually they get updated by the OP or deleted. This one was stickied until just recently. 2. Instructions to use JSGME are being distributed right now with campaigns just released. 3. That thread is the first thing that comes up when you Google “DCS JSGME”. I understand that some of the instructions may be out of date, but not the entire program.
  3. I spent hours trying to follow the instructions to get JSGME to work as per instructions in help files distributed with some DCE missions. Then gave up on JSGME. Then found this megathread on how to use JSGME (it's the first thing that comes up when you google "JSGME DCS") and spent more hours trying to follow that, only to get to the end of that thread to find that JSGME no longer works with DCS as JSGME is 32bit and therefore doesn't support files larger than 2Gb. Also, that generic pdf that gets distributed with DCE campaigns is bloody hard to follow with strange formatting and
  4. Yep. Tried in both Open Beta and stable. GNS430 not installed in either. Crashes DCS every time loading finishes when cockpit is first displayed. Herc ver 6.2
  5. You can just add R Shift + B for the same command in DCS so it will work for either Shift key. As far as I can tell, it isn't assigned to anything else (for F/A-18C Sim anyway)
  6. Yup thanks. That fixed it. I had put it in the right place, but still also had a copy in the DCS World directory as well. A result of trying to follow the very confusing instructions that came with the Hornet over PG Campaign. Followed @MBot 's instructions above which are much more straight forward. The Hornet over PG install instructions also don't say anything about having to have MBot's Dynamic Campaign Engine already installed, but not I do, it DCE shows up in the list of campaign types.
  7. I'm getting this error, too and this is the only place I can find someone else with it. What did @Skynet99 mean by 'wrong tech folder'?
  8. Can't wait for Nevada to be put back in, so I can use the mission I made in the Beta. :(
  9. offset smoke Don't know if it's possible in the sim with AI JTAC, but.... The smoke doesn't have to be ON the target. It can be dropped and then an attack position relative to the smoke passed to the pilot. Eg: "Target is 500m north of smoke"
  10. Ordinance (boring) ORDNANCE! (not so boring)
  11. And PC casegear shows shipping @ $47 to my location, right there on the shopping cart. PC aviator on the other hand, is asking $625 for the hardware and then you have to create a profile and log on before you can see what the shipping cost will be. I Effen hate online stores that make you go through all that to just find out the shipping cost. :mad: FAIL, Pc Aviator. FAIL.
  12. Nice work Shu. What program did you use to draw these? I'm trying to find approach plates for these airports. If I can't, I'm considering drawing some approachs.
  13. This is a little mission I made to practice weapons delivery and threat evasion. I originally called the mission 'Vegas Baby', but that mission became corrupted. So I renamed it 'New Vegas'. No idea where that came from :music_whistling:(my other fave game). It is tested with Beta2. Enjoy This training mission is broken into three parts. The first part is a selection of stationary vehicles to practice A-G weapon delivery - with your choice of destruction. The second part is an EW range with various threats to try and counter. The waypoints are named with the threat type and guidanc
  14. Who invited Ze Germans to this thread?:lol: Obvious showoff alert!!
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