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  1. http://gadget.buddyspike.net/ map menu, Caucasus 80s In dcs multiplayer lobby search for Blue Flag Caucasus 80s, and welcome to the party
  2. He was talking about the DCS module, not the real plane
  3. And BlueFlag Caucasus 80s need reinforcement ! Perfect theater of war for the M2k as everybody is Fox 1/2 only
  4. A beautiful work for the beautifullest plane ! Happy new year 2021-5 !
  5. You must enter 5 digits. Ex : 120,500MHz -> 1 2 0 5 0 VLD
  6. I'just flew a little on BlueFlag Syria (80s). The 2000 is very capable against Fox1/2 US aircraft. Against fox3 it will be difficult when 1vs1. You will have to be smart, use all well know bvr tactics in order to survive, turning away is often the best solution
  7. It is said "6. ED is going to "take away" all bombs and rockets from the 3rd party devs" no Foxs But also saw this : "25. Kate promised to personally deal with the Mirage's radar problem." wich could be a very good news.
  8. Hi BD, I think there is a very little mistake in in-game briefing with the name of one of the package. The slide 3 shows the PREDATOR package, with 8 F-16C, but the mass briefing talks about FALCON package. Am i right ? Insignificant, but may easily be fixed. And love the chit-chat in previous mission : "but it is not as if we are going to fly the Charlies forever", please BD tell Razbam to give us a "-5" :) Best regards.
  9. And that's why it will make you a better fighter ! You may learn a lot of things about BVR :smartass: but, in the other hand, it will often be frustrating against Fox3 trucks... :joystick:
  10. Wagner

    RWR update

    Merci beaucoup ! Thanks for keeping working on 2000, so exciting and challenging in BVR vs Fox3-trucks :pilotfly:
  11. I don't often use it but i can confirme that when creating an offset to a target (tested on multiplayer).
  12. Do you have rudder pedals ? Check Controls to see if those axes have to be inverted.
  13. Same here. In APP mode, the ladder shows the good direction.
  14. Yes, hit the skip button, the modules are still here :thumbup:
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