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  1. Thank you both for your responses guys! I have the Logitech Extreme 3d Pro and I 've spent a few hours on the TF-51D and I am really excited about the game. Since when buying only the P-51D I will have some missions to play, I may take advantage of the Halloween discounts and get it at half price. I will probably stick to Steam though since I have an important amount of money in my wallet from some refunds I got recently. I like the refund policy of steam and from what I saw, there is no actual disadvantage of having the game there, while I can move to the standalone client at any time, being able to transfer my purchases as well (I think it does not work the other way around)..
  2. Hello everyone. I am totally new to DCS, so I would appreciate some help. 1) At the moment, I would like to focus mainly on WWII era. So I would like to ask what DLCs should I buy for start. I guess I would need a map (Normandy 1994), the World War II Assets pack, and probably a plane (such as the P-51D Mustang). Do I need all of these in order to start or it is too much? And if I buy these will some Campaigns be included or I need to buy campaign backs for P-51D as well? And how about the online part? Will I be able to play online using the P-51D? 2) Steam or Standalone version? To be honest, I preffer to have all of my games in Steam. Are there any disadvantages of having the game (and buying DLCs) in Steam? For example I see that there are Halloween discounts at the moment but I can't see them in Steam although in the announcement it says that will also be included in Steam. Thank you very much for your time, George.
  3. Hello everyone. I am George. I am new to DCS (and flight simulators in general) but very excited about it. I will probably focus on WWII planes at the begining.
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