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  1. Hey! First of all, awesome campaign. Hands down, best flight sim experience i've ever had so this is in no way any sort of criticism or rant but: So i botched the AAR refuel and did what the menu told me, quit and restarted to start after AAR. Apparently now I'm in mission 4. Any way I can go back to mission 3 without restarting the campaign? I don't mind flying it all over again, just sad I skipped it
  2. just gonna add my +1. At this point I feel like the hornet is purposefully abandoned in a 'broken' state, with no word as to what is possibly going to be done about it I don't mean to sound critical or angry about it, I'd just like to know if there's something to look forward to, or if I should switch modules for a while until something changes.
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