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  1. I got two of those emails as well, same IP as listed above.
  2. @ Aeroscout: Well since it's already been "named and shamed", yes, that's the same IP given in both my emails. Sorry to start a new thread on this, I'll add a "me too" post to the other one, please feel free to kill this one. Cheers 8
  3. Someone tried to hack my forum profile today As the title suggests, I received 2 emails today telling me that my account had been locked for 15 minutes because someone had tried to log in as me 5 times with the wrong password. Admins/mods, I'll happily provide the IP address given in the email by PM (it was the same both times). On the plus side, it did make me think I should reinstall LockOn again :) To whoever was trying to get into my profile, go get a life man.
  4. Sorry, nevermind. was being a n00b :)
  5. Hi all, Been away from LO for a bit, decided to come back this evening, saw 1.12a update so grabbed that. Installed off my original LO1.0 English disc, installed the FC addon (eng download version) then slapped 1.12a on and now starfarts is telling me: Tried searching on that error message (the UnableParse bit) but no joy. WTF, over? EDIT: Sorry, should have pointed out, i meant no way to sort this without having to contact support? I'm on XP x64 if that's relevant...
  6. when i play the clip i can't see any video, just hear the audio and media player displays the visualisations for the audio... tried Video Lan Client as well, no joy... I also have the Cole2k media codec pack installed. Anyone shed any light on exactly what codec is needed to display the video?
  7. thx guys... i was under the impression all DLL files had to be registered so first time round I wrote it off when the file wouldn't register... :) does work if you just drop the file into windows\system32, cheers Ice
  8. nice one, just asked for some co-ords and got a couple of extra missions to try! Cheers folks! :)
  9. Apparently the DLL mentioned (ATL71.DLL) is part of a download that was once available from Microsoft, called the "ATL Module for Windows". Anyone know what this is and if it can still be got from somewhere?
  10. Tried that as well, from a few sites. Just get an error when registering the DLL, something about "could not register the DLL because the entry point was not found" or similar... didn't seem to help LOMAN either...
  11. i reinstalled XP recently. I had an older LOMAN beta working fine on the old XP install but when i reinstalled a couple of weeks ago and put LOMAN on it's started giving me that error. Skypat if you read this please can you tell us what to download to get the DLL mentioned above? TIA 8bit
  12. nice find, any chance you could post rough lats and longs? :)
  13. what did you do to fix the error? I'm getting the same message :(
  14. many thanks ruggbutt, i'll get that installed and leech a few LOMAC download sites tonight ;) Cheers! 8bit
  15. I've been a bit out of the game lately so i'm a bit out of touch withthe LOMAC 1.1 stuff. Have done some searching on these forums but I'm still kinda confused can someone answer some dumb questions? :) - LOMAN - I gather Skypat has stopped developing a 1.1 compatible version of LOMAN. That said I read something about getting LOMAN 3.3 in a GTR manager download, and there's this patch from TekaTeka which apparently enables the last official LOMAN (2.1 IIRC) to work properly with LO:FC. Should I be using the 3.3 in this GTR download or 2.1 with TekaTeka's patch? I heard something about m
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