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  1. Thank you all for the explanations. I especially like Grafspree's explanation of the reason for asymmetric thrust. I was not aware of that. Since I received my new rudder pedals last night I have turned off TO assistance on all planes and I am learning to dance on the rudder pedals and toe brakes during the take off run. I gain more respect for the pilots of these aircraft from so long ago.
  2. I did repeat the experiment and watched more closely. With Auto Rudder on and TO Assistance at 100% I can tap the throttle up until the Spit just starts to roll. RPM is still at 1,000 and Boost is at 0 PSIG. She will then roll off the runway to the left. Very disturbing. I think the Spit is overly sensitive to Torque Steer. I had heard stories about the real P-51 having a lot of torque steer and even being able to flip on the runway if the throttle was shoved all the way forward instantly. I didn't know the Spitfire was as bad as the P-51. In either case I think the model needs a lit
  3. Actually I did not check my boost gauge, I know that if I open the throttle enough to start the Spit rolling down the runway. The same things happens with Auto Rudder set to off and TO Assistance set at 0%. It is nice to see that someone else has duplicated what I am seeing. The good news is my rudder pedals arrived early! Still it is something to look at.
  4. Yo-Yo, I understand. But with the Spitfire I can set at the end of the runway, set the RPM to 1200 and the Boost at 0 psig and it will veer to the left and the TO Assist cannot keep up even with that small amount of movement. Whereas with the P-51 and P-47 I can go to military power with the 1, 2, 3, count and it will stay on the runway. Can you duplicate this or am I doing something wrong? Fortunately my new rudder pedals should arrive by Monday. Thanks, Jimmer
  5. I have noticed that the Spitfire will not roll down the runway straight with Auto-Rudder and Take-Off Assistance set to 100% If I have the same settings on the P-47 or P-51 or TF-51 they will go straight down the runway until take-off. The Spitfire will veer off to the left of the runway as soon as it starts rolling. From an external view I see the rudder wiggling from side to side, but not making a strong enough correction. I notice that it will veer to the left even if you only have the throttle set just above idle, around 1,200 RPM and no boost. The mission I am running is the Caucus
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