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  1. During testing of the new G overload failure of the Hornets wings I encountered some scenarios in which both wings would fail at the roots. Out of curiosity I decided to test the flight dynamics without wings and was very surprised to see how well the plane flew. While I understand the body is able to create lift it seems that even at lower speeds the aircraft is still very controllable. Details can be see much better in the attached track. While not very scientific and without any hard data my hypothesis is that this is not modeled as intended. Video of Test Flight Attached is the mission, track, and tacview (for those who are curious). F18 Wingless Flight Dynamics Test.trk F18 Wingless Flight Dynamics Test.miz Tacview-20211023-103008-DCS.zip.acmi
  2. I was wondering if aircraft spawned on the ground could also be added to the warehouse of the airfield they are on. Essentially this could work by having all ground spawned aircraft take from the warehouse of the airfield if they are within the capture circle of that airfield. This allows the use of the warehouse mechanic even if there are not enough slots at a given airfield. The other option would be an editor selectable option which would make that slot pull from the nearest warehouse.
  3. Thank You House of SARH will continue in the future. And to your question I would refer to Nineline's guidelines for this section your Squad Rep already reached out to me via PM on discord the forum is not a place to debate rules.
  4. Switched to discord see #mission-download channel
  5. Rules Format will be 5 v 5 Best of 3 Teams will be allowed to have mercenaries but they may not have more than 2 and must not be members of the opposing team Bullseye will be centered between two fields with a 74nm bubble 1 Sortie per pilot no respawns any pilot who has crashed or has been shot down must disconnect from the match server Jester is allowed Any in air disconnects are considered dead and may not return No Stream sniping No abuse of any bugs or exploits whether they are known or not No ECM A round is won if a Team controls the area for 5 minutes or eliminates all opposing aircraft 1 Aircraft must land at the opposing airfield to consider the round a win Weapon Restrictions: 6xR27R/T, 4xR73, No Fox3s, No A/G weapons, No Talds, No 9x, No ER/ET, No Nuke Failure to abide by rules will result in forfeit of the round RTB for INS or Payload issue is allowed must be done before team enters bubble Be friendly to each other Squadrons can field two teams but may not mercenary for each other and cannot consist of the same pilots No AWACS or EWR will be available Not every rule can be written if there are any questions please ask in discord or PM me No intentional Iron Dome At least one representative from each team must be in the discord All planes must be within the bubble within 10 minutes of the first aircraft entering Teams will be assigned maps but if any plays cannot play the map due to performance or not owning it they must revert to Caucasus. However if both teams agree they may switch to any map they prefer. For Example if Team A and Team B are assigned Cauc but both want to play Syria they may do so. No AOA abuse if you have questions on this PM me I can only provide 1 match server per weekend Teams must decide who will host Host teams must have IC enabled and default server messages. BDA should be disable and all exports should be disabled Server Tacview must be provided for result submission Rule breaks constitute round forfeit if a round ends in a tie it is considered null to the score first team to 2 wins would take the game Schedule .
  6. House of SARH House of SARH will be a 5 v 5 competitive Fox 1 league with a playoff and a championship to crown the Lords of the SARH Schedule Will run from Sept to early October. Season will finish before TACT 21.2 First game will be Sept 4 Prizes None this will be for honor Discord https://discord.gg/8VWnBVSQVc Missions Missions will have Caucasus, Persian Gulf, and Syria. Those who do not wish to fight on Syria can revert to PG or Caucasus. (all will be released by end of week) Missions uploaded on Discord Streams Official list of Streamers will be compiled when confirmed. Results Will be submitted in discord as Tacview files Signups Signups will end August 25th Ex Signup Format: Squadron: Eclipse Task Force Timezone: 17:00z - 22:00z Maps: Syria, PG, Cauc
  7. F-18 E-TF[105] Cookie SC: Yes
  8. You will need a human RIO reach out to me on discord please
  9. I have reserved the slot for you but you will need a RIO no Jester
  10. Syria 1985 28 vs 22 PVP Event (Inspired by X-mans events because they are amazing) Blue Victory! July 24th, 1930z The year is 1985 Syria has packed Scud missiles with nerve agents. Under UN definition these weapons are classified as WMDs giving the US and it's coalition reason to invade. Turkey and Israel are facing internal protests and have decided to remain neutral. Blue must use RAF Akrotiri, RAF Kingsfield, and a US Carrier group to launch their invasion. Syrian forces have dug in and are receiving Russian SAM crews and Iranian Aircrews. Airframes Blue AV8 x4, Mirage 2000 x2, F/A 18 x8, F16 x10, F14A x2, F15C x2 Red MIG29A x4, F14A x4, F5E x4, MIG 19P x1, MIG21 x9 Loadouts Banned All GPS weapons, Nukes, APKWS, Targeting Pods, AIM 9x, AIM 120, AIM 54C, AIM 54A Mk60, SLAMS, AIM 7MH, R73, R27T, ET, ER, TALDs Restricted (Represents max # of weapons) F15C:4xAIM9M 4XAIM7M Blue F14A:54A Mk47x2 AIM7x3 F/A18:AIM7x2 AIM9Mx4 MIG29:1xFuel Tank 4xR60M 2xR27R Red F14A:No Bags 54A Mk47x2 AIM7x3 AIM 9Lx2 > Discord < Rules Match will last for 2.5 Hours 300 Ping Limit Unlimited Lives No PH Active, No TSS, PAL PHs 12nm or less Red will have EWR Blue will have AWACS (No L16) Turkey, Israel, and Lebanon are Neutral do not overfly their Airspace 3 GCI's Per Team GCI's can control ground units but must manually move them no waypoints Pilot's must eject or go down with their aircraft for proper kill logging Scoring Blue +10 Pts OBJ 1-2 Destroyed +15 OBJ 3-5 Destroyed +1 Per Red Loss +2 If TK +3 For each Red Airspace Incursion Red +10 Pts OBJ 1-2 Defended +15 OBJ 3-5 Defended +1 Per Blue Loss +2 If TK +3 For each Blue Airspace Incursion Registration First come first serve Reply with Name, Side, Airframes, and if you have Super Carrier (F18s/F14s), and RIO name (Can also be done is discord due to new forum rules) Discord will be used for brief and further communication please say your side in the syria-request-side channel https://discord.gg/xcfrCFMcTb If slots are full you can register as a reserve Roster F-15C (2/2) [Alamo] dundun92 [Alamo] Prez F16C (10/10) 2ᵉFL | Hammer 2ᵉFL | Tempest 2ᵉFL | FL420 TAW_Dyren E-TF[110] PatatOorlog [VTAF] Grasshopper EagleFighter E-TF[112] Barracuda E-TF[802] Arthas Cobra 101 | GreenDotSpeed Reserve F/A 18 (8/8) E-TF[106] Aspen TJR - Raviar TAW_Luminary TAW_Impalor REAPER 43 Fragal E-TF[203] Super E-TF[210] Backbreaker E-TF[220] Hunter Reserve [VTAF] Archer E-TF [213] Shocker M2000 (2/2) Shitpost 1-1 Mastro TAW_Savior AV8 (4/4) E-TF[805] Electrobull =DW=Wizard_VVS TAW_Mago eeVaLDeeVaL F14A (2/2) E-TF[113]Doormouse | E-TF[109]Whiterabbit CDN-SMOKEJUMPER|? GCI (1/3) E-TF[105] Cookie MIG 21 (9/9) REAPER 53 | Yink Gryphon 1 | Phantom Sword 1-2 Zachrix DerHammer Vietkong ROSS_Baron von Myakin ROSS_Pups Glifted Mjugen MIG 29A (4/4) <64>Krippz <64>Vati <64>Fox =37. Black squares= Tolovay F14A (4/4) E-TF[102] Riker | E-TF[107] Picard <64>X-man | <64>Rage Adler Blau | Showtime Calpy | Fractos Reserve ♔ GC ♔ Gripen|? F5 (4/4) <64>Jumper Tricker JTFF Marco JTFF Wolf Reserve MIG 19P (1/1) Hoodoo GCI (2/3) Zero Cobra 188 | Stock Stream Titanfire Weather Time 05:15 Local Preset Scattered 6 Sky Coverage Broken 18,000/20000 Broken 32,0000/33,0000 Few 41,000 Altimeter 29.92 Winds SL 220 @ 2 1600ft 220 @ 4 7,000 240 @ 4 26,000 265 @ 19 Temperature 26C No Fly Zone (In Red) Objectives Red Defend Critical Objectives while inflicting equal losses Blue Destroy the 5 Objectives while minimizing losses 1) Bassel Al Assad Airbase- Disable the airbase with at least 2 craters 2) Chemical Plants- Destroy the buildings 3) Destroy a minimum of 7 Scud launchers 4) Destroy 3 of the Missile Factories 5) Destroy the IADS CC (Full Resolution available in discord)
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