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  1. Thanks all. No it didn’t start from the beginning, it started during the egress after about 40-50 minutes of flight. I will completely deselect the random sim failures and see what happens then. If this happens on a low overcast day it’s going to be very tricky to land.
  2. I have this option enabled and once I had a total navigation computer failure so I had to navigate with TACAN. In that case I remember that actually what happened was that the aircraft position was freezed to a specific point that the failure occured so all the distances were frozen although I could switch between navpoints. But I have found that I consistently have INS problems and I dont know if its related to random failures or not. Look at the picture below attached. Flying level confirmed by outside references and the stby horizon but the INS is banking. This happened 3-
  3. Thanks for the advise. But I think I need some NTTR training first because I need to see how stuff works in this bird. Only done some CCIP type bombings and they were going everywhere else except the target. Have to see CCRP type and how to LGBs also!
  4. I know about Fear the bones! I highly I anticipate this one but eventually I will fly also the Heartblur ones! If it’s a matter of days maybe I can wait. I hope it will be available quickly through steam. Till then maybe I can do some A-G releases since I haven’t done any of them with the cat. I assume A-G strikes are occasionally required in these campaigns right?
  5. Hello guys, I am just about to finish Zone V campaign by Reflected and would like to start a new campaign. Which one do you suggest starting first? Operation Cage the Bear or Operation Reforger?
  6. Thanks for your replies both! BonerCat thanks a lot for the heads up! Great info man! Prez great job there, very informative, you got a subscriber! Will get back here for feedback if I come up with something!
  7. Hello to all here. I am a new F14 driver and I have a good experience mostly in the F16 and it’s radar systems and weapons. I find very interesting to learn the 70s technology of the cat but for now I feel really fine leaving the RIO stuff to jester. Assigning him tasks is a big relief when solo flying that jet and using the TID repeater with some commands about the antenna, range, lock and unlock you can sanitize well the area with his help. All good all nice. It seems I struggle to find important info about the F14 A-A weapons employment zone ranges. Not talking about h
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