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  1. Rob, mine solved itself in the same manner. I was getting so frustrated and then boom it worked. Glad to know I wasn’t the only one.
  2. Chris, I had a similar problem with my throttles not lining up properly and went through an email tango with Winwing trying to resolve the issue. My lock wouldn't seat all the way and so my throttles were never truly locked and would easily split. Is this the same issue you have?
  3. Ohh that's definitely worth looking into! I haven't done too much in depth "research" but with the Winwing poor ergonomics topic, I think I'm able to reduce wrist stress by offsetting the throttle. Your solution of the cable though would make it cleaner in the "pit"
  4. Hey Chris, For a bit cheaper you can get the MEZA mounts on Amazon. Very similar to Monstertech and the only caveat of canting the Winwing Throttle due to the center plugged USB. Here's a photo of my Orion with Meza mounts. Overall happy, wish the rubber pads were "stickier" on my smooth desk but I can fix that. $189.99 on Amazon for both.
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