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  1. I would add later this day a video of this. The basic idea is: - 80% of the time the missile won't show on RWR and you would just die. - The time it does show on RWR it usually shows about 0.5 seconds before impact and very rarely it will show 3-4 second before impact. - Also a F-14 will not show on the RWR when it locks you for most of the time, it will maybe blip in RWR twice or a bit more but that's it. (Tests have been done on the Viper [F-16] but a Hornet [F-18] player that i fly with also confirmed that the Phoenix doesn't show on RWR
  2. 1) Make a place where you can report bugs easily. 2) Add a screenshot library for DCS so you can take pics without using the PRTSC button or 3rd party software. 3) Re-do the replay thing so it will much easier to take a photo of something or record a fight in some interesting way + make it personal so you wont be dependent on the server's owner to record a mission. 4) Make a new way to assign buttons so it will be much easier for new player and for people that build huge sims at home. I thought maybe do a cockpit like thing so a player can go to the button assigning page and he will have
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