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  1. Now this is epic. Finally a video with the F-15E instead of just an image.
  2. Slightly better overall but nothing has changed as 120s still miss.
  3. Planned for today. Lets see if the AIM-120 gets better.
  4. I would think that too since we haven't seen a video of the F-15E in any capacity yet. I would like a video at least with some systems rather than some screenshots that don't show any real action or movement.
  5. Lmao thats me and one of my squad mates posted it. The SPJ pod effects the AIM-120 super weirdly in singleplayer with and it kinda blinks or just outright causes the missiles to not track at all (which it doesnt do against other missiles like the SD-10, AIM-54. It also doesn't do this in multiplayer).
  6. Most of the developers don't like to give deadlines to the community. They want to be flexible. HB + TG in the Air Combat Sim Podcast didn't even want to mention a date for their Eurofighter even though it looks like its steadily progressed pretty far in development (they said that it is still early on). RAZBAM was supposed to say/release something on Halloween related to the F-15E but they didnt make an internal deadline so it didn't happen.
  7. Is there a RAZBAM Official Roadmap?
  8. I just always thought there was like an extended RIO startup that multicrew humans didnt need to do but only Jester needed to do. I guess I now know its a bug.
  9. Making this since people wanted a separate forum post from the other one.
  10. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/news/changelog/openbeta/ You are indeed correct. October 20th.
  11. Missiles do veer off when getting notched sometimes. It's more prevalent with older API missiles like the AIM-54. Nothing wrong besides the old API being the old API.
  12. With 2.7.7, the JF-17's detection range has stayed relatively the same but holding and acquiring tracks beyond ~40nm in look up and maybe ~30nm in look down has significantly diminished compared to 2.7.6. Sometimes when you're trying to bug someone that has a track file built in TWS beyond ~40nm or in a look down, it doesn't stay bugged and you'll drop the track pretty quickly (even if the target is hot). I'm a bit curious to how accurate the radar is now compared to the real deal or if it even is supposed to act this way.
  13. This is more of a DCS weapon issue instead of an AV-8B issue. I don't think RAZBAM can't really do anything.
  14. Well now the 120’s magical powers of missing now will hit those playing the stable release.
  15. If Jester is using up all my chaff, I would just make him give me control of chaff and then turn him off so he doesn’t deploy chaff. Not the best solution but it does work. Another way is to manually give yourself the keybinds for the RIO CM switches by editing the .lua files.
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