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  1. Anyone know if this livery has been created and I've just missed it in the User files section ?
  2. Ahhhh ok that makes perfect sense! Thanx for all the excellent responses! I also fly the T45C and it doesn't do this. I can only assume this function isn't modeled, at least not yet.
  3. Landing practice at Nellis. When I take off then level at 900 and bank left for my downwind leg my altimeter which is set to radar suddenly changes to barometric (in the HUD) and displays 2000ft then once I roll out of the turn it switches back to radar and displays 900. Usually this switch doesnt happen until Im above 5000ft then the barometric altimeter is enabled.
  4. These are excellent. The only thing Im not clear on is what format these should be saved as. The specular psd files, should those be saved as BC3 as well as the texture psd files ?
  5. Looking for a tutorial on how to use the ED provided livery template for the Hornet. Do I simply need to paint each of the PSDs as I like then convert them to BC3 DDS files ? They are laid out different than the user posted liveries I see posted in User files section. Thanx!
  6. Yes I've been using PS to remove decals and such. Its doable just a bit time consuming. Thanx !
  7. I did although I didnt find anything. What search words do you recommend ?
  8. Are there any splinter liveries available that dont have any navy, squadron markings ? Looking for liveries that dont have any specific military or country association. Thanx!
  9. Yes the nose gear arent completely flush with the ground mesh
  10. Is still an issue in the DCS Hornet ?
  11. Brilliant mod. This brought me back to DCS after initially downloading the sim and not being terribly intrigued by the Su25 or the P51 (although the P51 is great, trail draggers just arent my thing) Thank you all involved!
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