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  1. I think two months after, we can probably forget about it. It sounds like vaporware. I will buy the Delanclip (which i wish i would have bought earlier, since UTC was a dead end).
  2. I think UTC has 2 advantages, better battery life and decentered middle diode.
  3. Has anyone received any news recently? Is the project of producing new version still alive?
  4. Let us know if you get any reply. I guess if UTC is out of the picture, i will be forced to look at Delanclip probably. Still crossing fingers for UTC to come back to life this summer.
  5. Any recent news of when this might come out? Shall we be concerned about the radio silence? UTC has a very good design, but if it is no longer available and the newer one is not getting anywhere nearby, i think i will be forced to consider other alternatives
  6. Hello there, I m in the market for a new tracking device. This looks nicer than Delanclip. Any news about mkIII device coming in May/June? Thank you very much in advance
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