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  1. Correction this problem is still happening Alt enter before would work pefectly everytime, there was a judder in the hmd as it went full screen but it would always work. No SteamVR is loosing the hmd and has to be reset. This is a big problem for me as the confine cursor to dcs just doesbt seem to work, if i click on the edges of the game window it looses focus, and if i jave the cursor low over the taskbar it seems to click the task bar despite being told to confine
  2. I just installed a windows 11 update that required a reboot and this no longer appears to happen, phew.
  3. Hi, so for the last year or so when playing DCS I would always ALT+ENTER the DCS game window to make it full screen to stop an issue i get with clicking out of the game window, even with confine cursor to DCS is selected. I also did this as ive read it can help improve performance a little. However now I have an issue that when I ALT+ENTER my headset just goes black and STEAMVR states that i need to reboot the headset. If i click to reboot the headset it comes backup fine but steamvr closes DCS, It does this every time A number of things have changed on my system recently which could be the cause: Updated to windows 11 Updated nvidia drivers 496.13 Updated to DCS patch on the 20/10/2021 Has anyone else had this headset disconnect issue and know of a solution? Cheers.
  4. @AstonMartinDBS. I just uninstalled DCS from Steam reinstalled it and the problem went away, bit of a pain in the arse but hey. Cheers.
  5. @AstonMartinDBS yes, all that happens is it tries to download and install the update and then get stuck in the same loop, with the verification stuck at 0%. I gave up and deleted the lot and am now downloading the whole game again nearly 300GB *cries*
  6. Trying to update to dcs beta to the 20/10/2021 patch. Steam downloads the update, says its verifying it and then installing. But then it just constantly keeps repeating this process? I have tried to clear my download cache and download the update again, same thing. If I try to verify my files, this just starts the update again and sits in the endless install loop and the verification process stays on 0% Please help I need to try the ground map radar in the 16
  7. Hi, would it be possible to add key binds for hmcs power. At the moment i have to lean forward and recentre my vr view to beable to reach the power switch, then recentre normal, kind of annoying. Cheers.
  8. Hi, Should it be possible to connect ground power at a friendly airfield and then shut the engines down whilst maintaining power and keeping the current alignment? When I try this, as soon as the throttle moves to OFF the alignment is reset back to 0.00/99. The aircraft then needs a full 8min alignment to be corrected. Cheers,
  9. @darkman222 I finally got around to testing this and I get exactly the same as you. With ground power connected, the moment i move thorttle frrom idle to OFF the INS is reset back to 0.00/99. @Coole28 are you on stable or beta? could be a difference. I just tried this on BETA on a 4YA MP server and as soon as throttle goes frrom idle to off the INS resets back to 0.00/99. Was previously a /6 from a hot spawn.
  10. @Coole28 Thanks for the info, i havent played since this post but i should get chance tonight to give it a try. Cheers.
  11. @Coole28 So are you are saying that you do ground power, but you still have to do the 8 minute align anyway after the repair? Even tho all systems are still powered?
  12. @Frederf I thought this might be the case that it wouldn't work. I can try the ground power thing next time I'm in the cockpit. No harm in giving it a whirl. I could always just respawn but that's no fun
  13. @FireManDan cool have you tried this recently does it still work? @Machalot suggests its broken? So the procedure would be connect the power leaving the F16 INS in NAV and then do the repair? Cheers.
  14. Hi, i have just been attempting to use a stored heading alignment after a shutdown and repair, however it always seems to be off afterwards (the hud is off to the side etc). I was not rearming or refueling before or during the alignment. Is it possible or is a normal alignment required? Cheers,
  15. Yeah, so can the harrier. But not the F18 sadly (yet) it seems.
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