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  1. Not like anyone here would.
  2. I was starting to think nobody at all would even notice my post. Thanks for replying, I hope someone at Ugra takes notice and can clean it up.
  3. Just to add some more information I loaded up a completely new mission in the editor and they were still there. This basically confirms it wasn't something I managed to goof up, they are in fact part of the terrain itself.
  4. I found these floating generators at a military site just east of the Latakia airport (Located in grid BV22, fairly exact coordinates can be seen in the picture below). Just to be clear I did not place these, in fact I haven't placed any generators at all on this mission. They are map objects baked into the map itself, at least as far as I can tell. They're not really a massive deal as they don't seem to actually interfere with anything. They are just really harshing my vibe and I felt it was best to report them. Below Ive included a picture of them as well as the mission file I'm using where they can be found. Mi-24P - Campaign One (Pre-Release).miz
  5. I had no idea the MiG even had one, I have just been pulling the trigger and when rounds stop coming I know it’s out.
  6. I’d love if they came out with a V addon later down the line.
  7. Heavy is certainly a possibility. I was loaded up with all the aux tanks I could fit and had full internal fuel.
  8. Yea I had all the autopilot channels on, and all switches on. By perfect hover I mean I was sitting there with my hands in my lap because I trimmed it out and just had it hovering there completely still and completely unattended. The ‘hover’ channel will come on and light up green, it even shakes the helicopter around a little but then goes back to off within about 5 seconds.
  9. I can get mine to turn on but even in a perfect hover it just turns back off. Altimeter mode, whatever that is, I can’t get to turn on at all, the button depresses but doesn’t light up green.
  10. The waypoints you set for the player flight show up on the map in the cockpit. It’s as simple as that, no need to do anything special.
  11. Im not sure if it could be considered a warning or not but in one of the newest YouTube guides the description does say the presale is ending, and I quote, “SOON”.
  12. We already have a hover video, flying and basic navigation will be able to be covered in weapons and landing videos. No real need to have them broken out into their own video.
  13. I’ve got a mission pretty much completely finished where you go land a boarding party aboard an adrift spy ship and are then attacked by an American destroyer.
  14. Id rather have the 104 than some missile any day.
  15. I know the MiG-21 has a tacan ability, it has a special Russian name which I forget but it’s there. Does the Mi-8 and thereby the Mi-24 have that system?
  16. Out of the listed weapons the Hind is getting which would be the best for trying to sink for instance an Oliver Hazard Perry class? Heres a list of all the announced weapons. • A twin-barrel 30mm autocannon with 250 rounds. • Unguided rocket types include S-5 55mm, S-8 80mm, S-13 122mm, and S-24B 24cm. • Both 9M114 "Shturm-V" and 9M120 "Ataka" anti-tank guided missiles. • 100-, 250-, and 500-kilogram bombs. • KMGU dispensers. • 12.7- and 7.62mm gun pods. • 30mm grenade launchers. • The R-60M air-to-air missile.
  17. Great, I don’t have a good way to set up two throttles so I was worried it might be a real pain to fly.
  18. On the topic of that, does anyone know how much messing around you’d need to do with the throttle? is it just a set and forget?
  19. Just for the sake of anyone who comes across this thread later with the same question I had, this is the solution I came up with. I had my ai wingman scripted to peel off with the excuse of engine troubles and had a flight of Su-17’s replace him as they can do the anti ship strike mission. It’s not perfect as I would have rather just kept my wingman but with some writing I felt it was thematic enough to have him replaced with a plane that can do the mission.
  20. Hello, I have a question when it comes to ending the mission. I’ve been just putting a message up telling the player they can leave whenever they are ready but I recently learned you can have the mission end when you want. The question is, what do people prefer? Do they like being able to leave when they wish or is it preferred to just end the mission?
  21. Thanks for the reply. Currently I have it so the ship is moving but if there’s no way to get the ai to attack a moving one I could rework the mission so it’s stationary, or just arm the player to the teeth and accept the wingman won’t help.
  22. Hello, I'm currently making a mission where the MiG-21 goes on an anti-ship strike mission. Everything is mostly at least set up and I feel plays well except for one thing. I can not for the life of me figure out how to get my AI wing-man to be of any help at all, he simply will not attack the ship. The issue seems to be that you can't assign the MiG-21 to the 'anti-ship strike' task. I tried to get around this by assigning my player flight the CAS task but the ship won't show up in the list of possible targets. This leads me to the question, is there any way for me to assign the MiG-21 to 'anti-ship strike' or is there any way to assign the ship as a target under any of the other tasks? I've attached the WIP mission file below if anyone wants to open it up and see if they can get it to work. If you have any other comments/critiques about it I'm all ears but please do remember its WIP so some things aren't completed or yet at the quality I would want. TCG Inebolu Incident (Pre-Release).miz
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