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  1. I regularly play multiplayer and usually everything works fine. Very little lag and other issues. But lately (past couple of months, don't know exactly which patch introduced it) we've had the problem that warbirds like the P-47 don't sit correctly on the ground when we land. Suspecting that it is a taildragger issue. Also happens on FW-190, Bf-109 and so on. Own plane looks fine, but the other two on the server are either sunk deep into the ground or hovering above it (2-3 meters off). Sometimes they sink so deep visually that you can only see the top of the propeller
  2. No, that was not my point. I know the new pictures are new. But pictures doesn't mean it will release... ever. I see you're new on this forum, so you haven't gotten used to the absolute lack of communication from Razbam. I have, and my frustration was because of it. Now, I promised the mods I won't discuss this again until we reach the 15-year mark, and so I won't.
  3. How should we know? And what does it matter? Those waiting for AH-64 since then are probably just as fed up, so what's your point?
  4. May I direct your attention to this thread: The images have been deleted at some point during the last NINE years, but they did indeed show early "renders" of the F-15E in september 2012. Those were also WIP images. The thread also contains more "WIP images" that show the 3d model. And cockpit. And even videos. All deleted obviously as it is literally ages ago, but the thread still exists as a testament to the insanely long time we've waited. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me for nine years, shame on you as well.
  5. Well, Razbam is free to prove me wrong at any time. The WIP pictures say nothing of when we can expect this to be finished. It could be tomorrow or it could be in 2028. It's frustrating.
  6. This project has to be dead? Right? Nine years...
  7. Yeah, it's been a while since I've flown the Harrier, so I have to learn what's new. Thanks for replying so quickly by the way.
  8. Yep, I feel as stupid as I expected I would. It was the parking brake.
  9. I've probably missed something somewhere, but I can't move the throttle if I have the AV-8B start a mission on the ground. Problem exists in both single and multiplayer. Is there an idle lock or something? If I start the mission in the air, the throttle works normally, so the axis is set up properly. I've looked in the manual, searched the forum and gone through the keybindings, but I can't figure it out. Please help.
  10. I have noticed the same thing. At least in F/A-18C and JF-17 (the only ones I've tried today when making missions), selecting loadouts or even modifying a single pylon lags a lot. It takes several seconds to load the list of available weapons for a pylon for some reason. Haven't noticed any such slowdowns before. This is on the latest open beta patch (the one with P-47 and Channel map)
  11. I can confirm a similar problem with the F-14B in multiplayer. Could not refuel nor rearm and got a message that there was no stock or something like that. Other planes did not have the problem. Mission has been used many times before without issue and all airports are set to have unlimited weapons and fuel.
  12. I haven't played in VR, nor have I flown a real F-14 (obviously), but I still feel that it's very difficult to see anything out of the cockpit compared to what I would expect from seeing pictures of the real F-14 from outside and inside. Also, from reading stories from real F-14 pilots, they don't usually say anything about the cockpit view being this terrible. In the MiG-21 (for example), sure, they mention it all the time, but not in the Tomcat. The only real thing I can compare it to is when you are driving a car: sure, the window frame is partly in the way, but you can easily see around
  13. I am sure they are, I am just saying that because of the way it is portrayed on a screen, we see significantly less than a real person would in an F-14 cockpit. Because of the two eyes vs. one eye thing.
  14. Yeah, I have TrackIR, but still I feel half blind when I fly the F-14B. Am i truly the only one who feels this?
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