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  1. It would be nice to get different pilot voices for the super carrier. At the moment it's just one mono-tone dude. It would be nice to hear some with character and also would be cool to have some female voices too.
  2. I'm making a mission that involves the Super Carrier and I would love to be able to place a sound object on the carrier that just plays whatever .ogg file I assign to it. It could be triggered or play on mission start. This would give some positional sound effects which would enhance the experience. I know you can play sounds in triggers but that is just playing to the player and cannot be heard outside the cockpit.
  3. Can't provide a track as they never save properly. But you can simply recreate using these steps. 1. Place a super carrier on the map with one waypoint (moving at the default speed) 2. Place an F14B and E2 to take off from runway on the carrier. I use a group of two F14Bs taking off from Cats 2 and 3. 3. The E2 should taxi from one of the left rear spaces so it launches from cat 3. This can be acheived by blocking its default parking position with static jets 4. Observe slow take off by F14s and E2. They are practically at stall speed when leaving the deck.
  4. Spent quite a bit of time trying to get the carrier atmosphere just right. Hope you enjoy.
  5. As above. Was watching the AI take off from the carrier and the cat launches are always slow. A fully laden F14 seemed to just walk off the deck and an E2 was slow as hell. Whats up with this?
  6. This only appears to be aircraft other than your own. When listening to other F/A-18s taxiing around or sitting on the appron while idle, the sound of their engines appears to be as if they are full mil or afterburner and not an idle rumble. It's pretty weird and doesn't match what we know about taxiing aircraft. b1bPZljM7bU
  7. I have created a video showing that, sometimes, hitching and pauses occur. I have overlayed performance monitor showing a correlation between disk and memory access and the hitches. I have time stamped the issues in the description. Admittedly this is not a huge issue in this video but I have had issues where the game has paused for over a second causing me to either crash or lose focus on my target. I hope this video helps. OE95eKThcDs
  8. A10 uses SADL (Situational Awareness Data Link), the F18/F16 uses Link16. I don't know if the new suite can receive link16.
  9. Personally I thought it was more distortion from the camera lens.
  10. No its just a seed value which is generated from an algorithm that is being run on the server. So as time passes, a new value is generated which is fed into the next iteration. Its just a simple data structure.
  11. No. You don't store the weather and send it over the internet to other players. The weather generation can be done with a deterministic algorithm. You just need to send the initial state (ie a seed) to the players who then generate the weather and the outcome will be the same. So, every minute or so a new state can be generated, transmitted and then the weather state for clients can be interpolated to produce a dynamic weather system visible for all.
  12. Yes in deferred lighting you can have as many lights as you want since it works on the pixels using the depth information from the render buffer. We should have amazing lighting but we don't. We still have baked airfield lighting. Deferreds advantages start to disappear the higher resolution you go though as it has to calculate for more pixels.
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