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  1. Could it be possible to have the hud without tint? Greetings and many thanks.
  2. Thanks for your reply Saber. So will a new update on the campaign come out? I have the Steam version. Will it update itself automatically? Thank you very much again!
  3. Hello... I have done the TAC23 practice correctly, now I try with the mission; however, when I arrive at the WP Chevy and remain orbiting nothing happens ... I have already reached the "End of VUL" without the pilots being shot down. On the other hand, I observe that the 2 F-16s are parked on their ramps. Can you give me some help please? Greetings.
  4. Hello: Please.. I defenitely need this mod.. but the HUD is too dark.. i almost cant see the targets. For Old A10C HUD Fix Only I have HP Reverb G2. Can you help me? DCS Thanks! PD: the HUD Fix with Optimization (A10C II) HUD tint is Great and OK!
  5. SOLVED: I found calling "UZI" (on VAICOM PRO), then (after beep) mention "time 15 minutes" and it Worked!. Greetings Everyone.
  6. Hello. I cleared 2 Playboy targets, but after that I can't contact UZI 1-1 to continue the mission. I tried with the TAD 12 (124 AM) and at 127.5 AM with no results. When trying through voice commands (VAICOM PRO), pressing the PTT 1 (124 and/or 127.5 AM) the speech mentions Enfield 1-1. Forcing the speech to mention UZI 1-1 by selecting from the menu, I never get response. Sorry for my terrible english. I'll be very gratefull on any help. Thank you. DCS
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