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  1. How to install? Thanks
  2. I pressed the tdc and even drop a few gbu but no joy. Just did a repair. We'll see.
  3. No matter what I do in the DDI setup, I can't get the Lat and Long to show up in my ATFLIR DISPLAY. even on A/G mode.
  4. How can we activate the jammer since the last update?
  5. Can't turn off the elevation lines on the HMCS menu. Off function does not work.
  6. Did you guys changed the pilot model cause the helmet textures on some repaints are not always compatible now. Dan
  7. that post: [REPORTED] Conflicting friendly/hostile datalink IFF Report for same target
  8. Is the Data link and Iff got fixed on the last update for multiplayer? Disco
  9. Which server ? The only one I had this issue was Hoggit training. the other ones worked fine. maybe it is because the server was not updated ?
  10. DAN

    HSD Range rings.

    Any update about the SAM range rings cause major stutters? Thanks DISCO
  11. It only happened to me once last night. Just flew a mission on Hoggit Persian Gulf and everything was fine. Maybe it is a random thing. DISCO
  12. I think the radome should be gray not blackish.
  13. Is it me bit the frame rates off the HUD symbology and the radar are a bit rough? What’s your opinion on that ? Thanks and have a great day.
  14. I would love if they can fix the range and azimuth lines on the radar. That bug has been there for a while.
  15. I remember when I was on a EW course we had a guess who was a Viper driver from Shaw and he says the MFDs are so small and now with all the new software they everything is so cluttered with symbology it is crazy. They couldn't wait to get the centre pedestal display like the ANG. Also I did a ride in a Block 30 sim long time ago and yes they are small.
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