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  1. Starting up the f14 but have no sound on jester and ground crew can someone help cheers
  2. Hi got the f14 tomcat and  on start up you can get jester to get started but  the ground crew and jester are silent how do i change this.  Thanks

  3. How do you contact ground crew for air and power for the Tomcat. I understand that it is \ key but no table appears. Thanks
  4. I have a Tomcat but cannot contact ground crew for start up. \ is the command but does not work.
  5. I recently downloaded the simulator game and bought the F14b Tomcat. I am having a lot of trouble trying to get going. Firstly I cant or don't know how to contact the ground crew to connect power or oxygen. and secondly I can summon Jester but can't give any commands. Iv'e watched You tube vids but nothin works. can any one give some advice please, thanks
  6. I have recently downloaded the F 14b Tomcat. I cant contact the ground crew to connect power and oxygen, also can summon Jester but Cant instruct him. help
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