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  1. Thanks so much for all the great info, so though I'm just testing one motor at the moment I have the standard 2 channel odrive (3.6 56V) Just to check will your firmware work with this?
  2. Just wondering too how you were getting on, my single axis test bench is all ready to go
  3. Thanks thats perfect. So at the moment I use AMT102 running 8192CPR. Seems to work well under normal odrive control. https://www.cuidevices.com/product/resource/amt10.pdf
  4. Ah cool, yea so I have a standard 2 channel Odrive V3.6 56V and a number of different bldc motors to try. Would be great to get some code to test, does it work odrive native or do you need to run a arduino pro micro with the code in between?
  5. Hi, Just wondering how you were getting on with the 2 axis code? I'm keen to try it out, I've noticed the single axis code is down too?
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