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  1. Yup I double checked and it was clicked show unknown values. EDIT: So I reinstalled the latest drivers and they are now showing. So strange.
  2. I am no longer seeing the entries. Did the recent Nvidia driver update remove them?
  3. Anyone know of a way to improve looking down in the cockpit with the G2? Due to the narrow vertical FOV, I have to really extend my neck. Maybe something like the VRnecksafer utility but for vertical axis? I tried looking for keybinds for View Cockpit but nothing for looking down.
  4. Can this mod be installed using OvGME?
  5. Seated as well since I only do racing and flight sims.
  6. Hello, Is there a way to change the sensitivity or cockpit angle when looking down to the sides? I struggle to look down without straining my neck - I get its a limitation of vertical FOV (G2) but with VRNeckSafer you can easily check your side without turning your neck too much.
  7. Is there a way to have this mod work when looking down? I am finding that I have to really strain my neck when looking down at both sides of the instruments in the F18
  8. Thank you for making this awesome guide @speed-of-heat, followed it fully. The only area I'm confused is the reshaders. Do you recommend your modified version of Sharper Eye Reshade or Kegetys? I'm on a 3080 with Ryzen 5800x.
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