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  1. Backlighting is working for now. Intensity can be regulated by potentiometer. But it is not as even as I expected. I will try to make more space between PCB and panels. I will increase it from 5mm to 7mm. Hope it will help.
  2. More pictures will come in next few hours. I have to engrave panels from plexi glass. There Is my another topic with UFC panel for Hornet. It is designed in fusion360 and printed by jlcpcb.com.
  3. Hi. Little update of my right console PCB. More info to come in very short future.
  4. Another little update
  5. First little steps. Video is in bad quality. In real life its much better.
  6. I can easily export UFC displays out of DCS via Export.lua function LuaExportStart() package.path = package.path..";"..lfs.currentdir().."/LuaSocket/?.lua" package.cpath = package.cpath..";"..lfs.currentdir().."/LuaSocket/?.dll" socket = require("socket") IPAddress = "" Port = 31090 udp = socket.udp() udp:setpeername(IPAddress, Port) udp:settimeout(1) end function LuaExportActivityNextEvent(t) local tNext = t local lUFCDisplays = list_indication(6) udp:send(lUFCDisplays) --data = udp:receive() tNext = tNext + 0.1 return tNext end But I am stuck in sending commands to DCS. I can send commands vie DCS Bios UDP strings. But is there way to send commands received by udp:receive() function directly in Export.lua I found buttons IDs in clickabledata.lua file -- UFC elements["pnt_128"] = short_way_button(_("UFC Function Selector Pushbutton, A/P"), devices.UFC, UFC_commands.FuncSwAP, 128) elements["pnt_129"] = short_way_button(_("UFC Function Selector Pushbutton, IFF"), devices.UFC, UFC_commands.FuncSwIFF, 129) elements["pnt_130"] = short_way_button(_("UFC Function Selector Pushbutton, TCN"), devices.UFC, UFC_commands.FuncSwTCN, 130) elements["pnt_131"] = short_way_button(_("UFC Function Selector Pushbutton, ILS"), devices.UFC, UFC_commands.FuncSwILS, 131) elements["pnt_132"] = short_way_button(_("UFC Function Selector Pushbutton, D/L"), devices.UFC, UFC_commands.FuncSwDL, 132) elements["pnt_133"] = short_way_button(_("UFC Function Selector Pushbutton, BCN"), devices.UFC, UFC_commands.FuncSwBCN, 133) elements["pnt_134"] = short_way_button(_("UFC Function Selector Pushbutton, ON/OFF"), devices.UFC, UFC_commands.FuncSwOnOff, 134) elements["pnt_100"] = short_way_button(_("UFC Option Select Pushbutton 1"), devices.UFC, UFC_commands.OptSw1, 100) elements["pnt_101"] = short_way_button(_("UFC Option Select Pushbutton 2"), devices.UFC, UFC_commands.OptSw2, 101) elements["pnt_102"] = short_way_button(_("UFC Option Select Pushbutton 3"), devices.UFC, UFC_commands.OptSw3, 102) elements["pnt_103"] = short_way_button(_("UFC Option Select Pushbutton 4"), devices.UFC, UFC_commands.OptSw4, 103) elements["pnt_106"] = short_way_button(_("UFC Option Select Pushbutton 5"), devices.UFC, UFC_commands.OptSw5, 106) elements["pnt_111"] = short_way_button(_("UFC Keyboard Pushbutton, 1"), devices.UFC, UFC_commands.KbdSw1, 111) elements["pnt_112"] = short_way_button(_("UFC Keyboard Pushbutton, 2"), devices.UFC, UFC_commands.KbdSw2, 112) elements["pnt_113"] = short_way_button(_("UFC Keyboard Pushbutton, 3"), devices.UFC, UFC_commands.KbdSw3, 113) elements["pnt_114"] = short_way_button(_("UFC Keyboard Pushbutton, 4"), devices.UFC, UFC_commands.KbdSw4, 114) elements["pnt_115"] = short_way_button(_("UFC Keyboard Pushbutton, 5"), devices.UFC, UFC_commands.KbdSw5, 115) elements["pnt_116"] = short_way_button(_("UFC Keyboard Pushbutton, 6"), devices.UFC, UFC_commands.KbdSw6, 116) elements["pnt_117"] = short_way_button(_("UFC Keyboard Pushbutton, 7"), devices.UFC, UFC_commands.KbdSw7, 117) elements["pnt_118"] = short_way_button(_("UFC Keyboard Pushbutton, 8"), devices.UFC, UFC_commands.KbdSw8, 118) elements["pnt_119"] = short_way_button(_("UFC Keyboard Pushbutton, 9"), devices.UFC, UFC_commands.KbdSw9, 119) elements["pnt_120"] = short_way_button(_("UFC Keyboard Pushbutton, 0"), devices.UFC, UFC_commands.KbdSw0, 120) elements["pnt_47_121"] = short_way_button(_("UFC Keyboard Pushbutton, CLR"), devices.UFC, UFC_commands.KbdSwCLR, 121) elements["pnt_47_122"] = short_way_button(_("UFC Keyboard Pushbutton, ENT"), devices.UFC, UFC_commands.KbdSwENT, 122) elements["pnt_99"] = short_way_button(_("UFC I/P Pushbutton"), devices.UFC, UFC_commands.SwIP, 99) elements["pnt_110"] = short_way_button(_("UFC Emission Control Pushbutton"), devices.UFC, UFC_commands.SwEMCON, 110) elements["pnt_107"] = default_3_position_tumb(_("UFC ADF Function Select Switch, 1/OFF/2"), devices.UFC, UFC_commands.SwADF, 107, false, anim_speed_default, false) elements["pnt_108"] = default_axis_limited(_("UFC COMM 1 Volume Control Knob"), devices.UFC, UFC_commands.Comm1Vol, 108, 0.0, 0.1, false, false, {0,1}) elements["pnt_123"] = default_axis_limited(_("UFC COMM 2 Volume Control Knob"), devices.UFC, UFC_commands.Comm2Vol, 123, 0.0, 0.1, false, false, {0,1}) elements["pnt_109"] = default_axis_limited(_("UFC Brightness Control Knob"), devices.UFC, UFC_commands.BrtDim, 109, 0.0, 0.1, false, false, {0,1}) elements["pnt_124"] = default_button_axis_extended(_("UFC COMM 1 Channel Selector Knob"), devices.UFC, UFC_commands.Comm1Fcn, UFC_commands.Comm1Ch, 125, 124, 0.2, true, anim_speed_default) elements["pnt_124"].sound = {{SOUND_SW12}} elements["pnt_126"] = default_button_axis_extended(_("UFC COMM 2 Channel Selector Knob"), devices.UFC, UFC_commands.Comm2Fcn, UFC_commands.Comm2Ch, 127, 126, 0.2, true, anim_speed_default) elements["pnt_126"].sound = {{SOUND_SW12}}
  7. It just arrived to Europe. I hope it will arrive to me tommorow
  8. Hi, I designed another version of UFC PCB. I also designed segmented displays. PCB with assembled displays will arive after this weekend and I will test it. Live 3D preview is here - https://a360.co/39aHAa4
  9. Hi, I have problem with export of all string data from hornet UFC. I have only periodical data (once per 5 seconds), but not event driven data. (when are displays changed in game).
  10. I have problem with update speed of string values in DCS BIOS. When I mouse click on some button in game. I get string values exported to udp protocol after few seconds.
  11. LTP-4823G can be ideal displays, but they are sold out everywhere
  12. I drive my displays by pca9685 pwm drivers. It has 16 channels. LED brightnes is controled by pwm duty time. Common anodes are driven by mcp23017 with UDN2981 as source drivers because MCP23017 can source only 25mA per pin. PCA9685 has max I2C clock speed 800kHz - it gives me about 20fps of all LED displays. It is too slow with visible blinking. I will test pwm board with TLC59711 chip with up to 8 MHz
  13. I bought them on mouser, but there is big issue with this type of display. top and bottom segments are totaly stupid :( PCB is printed in jlcpcb
  14. Another small step. I have to solve some issues with flickering and regresh rate
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