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  1. Why does the Vikhr missles show up on the hud as 9A4172? But they are also called APU-8. Many of the missions I have practices with use this missle and it's been confusing me a little all along.
  2. Yes, everyone came here. Except for me and bflagg. I am also not here. I am with bflagg. There is no one over there. Also, for those of you who say you come here, please prove it!!
  3. Is this a new bug? I never had this problem before. Yes post this in the Bug or Wish List forum. I posted similar 'issue' a few days ago. It is just WAY too much work to run the game every time just to see if something is in the right place. Yes, they are in the encylopedia, but they are considered 'Civilian' units, and only show up automatically if you have Civilian Traffic turned on in the options. If you do, then trains start at certain train stations all over the map. I'm guessing there is about 40-60 of them. I played with this for a while 7 months ago. When you go into an
  4. In the past, if a campaign was too hard, I just skipped it and went to something more fun. I wish I could have just played them because they were fun, but I just would die in about 5 minutes every time. When I made 'When HOGs Fly' I tried to make it fun with action and about medium diffucilty. I'm no Ace either. I rarely mess with ripple qty or interval on the A10 dumb bombs, and play with labels on 75% of the time. But for me, if you include the password, I'll probably try to tweak each mission as I get to them if they are too hard. :horseback CHARGE!!
  5. 20,248 x 2048 skins are HUGE!! :rolleyes: You have a typo in your title. :icon_pidu
  6. I think I remember one of Ironhand's A10 Tutorials (I think it was the Anti-Ship one) where he shot at the ships and after 2 enemy aircraft crashed, he landed at a dirt airstrip. If I remember correctly, I think there was a dirt runway, and maybe a tent and a truck? Not sure if he made it, or if it was just there. My memory may be wrong too.
  7. Thanks Mitch and Thomas for hosting! Downloaded them ALL last Saturday and they look awesome! ;)
  8. You can assign coordinates as targets and designate railroad cars that are static on the side tracks. Also, Everytime you start any mission, the moving trains always start in the same locations/stations. You just need to have Civilian Traffic turned on in the options and press Shift-F12 to cycle through them. Since they always start in the same station when any mission starts you can predict where a moving train will be and still bomb it. But you can't designate it as a target in the mission editor since it's moving. I've done this in a mission.
  9. Is that some DressMaker software your speaker is sitting on? What other hobbies do you have Witchking? :icon_redf :o Also, what 'Fixes' are you talking about. I had not heard that there were any patches for FC 1.1 yet. Did I miss something?? :confused:
  10. http://www.simviation.com/downloads.html http://www.fsplanet.com http://www.avsim.com
  11. Sorry Guys! My memory must be going... :icon_eek: Once again, this comes in handy.
  12. When it first came out a long time ago, I just remember some posts asking/complaining why state of the art weapons and systems were not included. If I remember correctly, the response from one of the UBI forum mods was that it was based in the 80's, and that was why.
  13. Good Point! I was a little disappointed that the A10 didn't come with some of the more modern weapons systems. So they break the rule for this? Oh well, it looks pretty.
  14. Yes, please release the template!!! Since I received my FC 1.1 CD from NP I've been looking all over for some Su-25t skins and can't find any! :icon_frow
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