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  1. That's unfortunate. I had planned to visit Duxford (and Flying Legends) as soon as this pandemic was over. Where did they go?
  2. Is the error a constant? Not sure I understand what the issue is...
  3. Like I said... I AM an idiot. Yes, I did flash it a few times but with the wrong firmware... do'h! Thanks dburne.. I was about to send it back.
  4. I feel like a complete idiot but I can't figure this out.... I own a VKB Gunfighter III stick and wanted to marry it to a TM F-18 grip. I've installed the adapter, double-checked all the connections but for the life of me... I can't make it work. Obviously the axis are fine (as they're "external") but all of the the buttons/Castle Switch/Trigger do not register any presses when I check it in VKB Device Config. How does one make it work? I was a bit surprised that VKB doesn't provide any step-by-step instructions. I assumed it was plug and play but clearly there's someth
  5. I am sitting behind a desk on simple chair. The angle at which the pedals sit is perfect for me. I have the MFG rudder assembly set at the lowest setting (20deg.) so there's plenty of room to angle them upwards if I ever need it to. The ball of my foot hits the bottom of the pedal exactly where it needs to (my shoe size is US size 9/ EU size 43). It does require a fair amount of travel on the top end to brake but this is an issue with the rudder assembly itself. In real aircraft the travel is possibly as little as half the amount that is required on the MFG pedals. Again, not a pedal issue as
  6. I too find the process of using the in-game map copying of the coordinates down onto a piece of paper and then manually inserting it into the UFC annoying (albeit accurate I would assume). This is an amazing time-saver and I would very much appreciate it if you can make this available once the app is ready. Does the mod also take into account the various coordinate formats required? I'm amazed at the different talents and skills people have. Well done, sir!
  7. Yes, that's what I meant to say. Thanks for letting me know...
  8. That's an interesting observation! I don't have the time to check this but if I change the temp. in the ME, will it reflect the adjusted temperature in-game?
  9. Thanks oldtimesake. Did you make sure to adjust the temperature in-game? For some odd reason the "standard weather" in the mission editor assumes a temperature of 20C i.s.o. 15C. When all is said and done... I think the performance of the F-16 in-game is pretty close to your performance charts...
  10. I got them a few days ago and only managed to install them last night. Well packaged and they feel extremely solid. The fit was snug and installing them is as simple as inserting the 2 bolts/side. Extremely well engineered pedals if you ask me. The only nitpick I could find was the slightly rough finish on the curved parts of the pedal. This is obviously 3D printed and is simply unavoidable because of the process. If you want it to look like the milled part of the real F-16 you should break out a box of sanding paper. Again, this is nitpicking and as far as I'm concerned a non-issue.
  11. It's called a "wander lamp" or "utility light". It's mounted in the cockpit and you can take it out of the holder and use it as a "flashlight". It's permanently attached by a power-cord and does not require for the battery switch to be on. That is, it is on the "hot battery bus" so you can use it without any electrical switching.
  12. Yep, expected delivery 5th of Jan. Nice!
  13. ... that's how I looked at it. Unfortunately, you're missing out on the experience. If you really want to experience "flight", short of the real thing, then VR is the way to go. Until we get direct Computer-to-Brain interface, this is it. Yes, performance is an issue for some and using the standard controller is just a pain but we're getting there. PointCTRL is a step in the right direction and hardware-performance is just a matter of time. Maybe someone in the neighborhood is willing to let you have a go... I can only imagine what fun I'll have once DCS:Clouds becomes
  14. If this belongs in the dedicated VR forum than feel free to move it. I just want to let other non-VR users know about my experience and I feel that the reach of this forum is better suited for that... Right, so... I own a potato-laptop by today’s standard. Mind you, it was crazy fast… 5 years ago. It’s an i7 6700 @ 3.4GHz coupled with 32GB and a desktop class GTX980 graphics card. It served me well for all those years. I play DCS exclusively. However, as is to be expected, it has gotten slower over the years and I’ve held off on upgrading for as long as I could. No more
  15. Although a worthwhile addition to the stable of aircraft in DCS, I'm not 100% convinced that this is the "mystery-aircraft" we've been waiting for. My DCS is updating so I can't check for myself but... can somebody check the detail on the AI version of the Su-34 Platypus in the current version of DCS? It looks a lot more detailed in the video than I remember from the current in-game asset. Could it be... naaaah!
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