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  1. Track replays only capture inputs so are not reliable. It just depends on what was happening in the replay. I have issues with all modules. Some tracks are fine but others do not reflect the reality. AI can behave differently, speeding up time can cause issues, changing views, etc can all cause issues.
  2. The IC was added in the latest patch to prevent known cheats and exploits. Has had the side effect of breaking other things, like cockpit exports. See
  3. Are you running the stable or beta version? Mossie, and the patch, was only for the beta version today. Will come to the stable version in a few months
  4. If the Harms are mounted on station 4/6 then they can only be carried and not fired. They must be on station 3/7 to work. There is a change coming in a future patch that will allow for this restriction to be removed
  5. If you have loaded the HARMs on stations 4/6 then they will not work. Only stations 3/7. Change was made a few patches ago
  6. Works for me. Been using this version, which adds a keyboard
  7. But I believe we do https://www.bonfire.com/store/dcsworld/
  8. Pretty sure this was last used by the Navy in 1997. So will not be coming to our 2007 era hornet.
  9. Yes, was fixed. Think it was the "AI stalls when turning heavy and slow" Working for me at least
  10. Hornet is still in early access. Official manual is over here for the stable version, updated yesterday https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/downloads/documentation/hornet_early_access_guide_en/ For the beta version go to your \<DCS Install Dir>\Mods\aircraft\FA-18C\Doc directory to see the latest manuals. That applies to the F-16C, etc
  11. ShiftieMover, a twitch streamer, has created a really good SAM hunting mission supporting various aircraft (F/A-18, F-16, A-10C, AV-8B and JF17) with hot or cold starts. You must have the Syria map though. You use the F10 comms menu to choose what you are going up against, with increasing difficulty. You can find the mission in his mission downloads folder over at https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/19bU-JgZIZpIeHy61w6dU0thHio5tHRxI Look for "Syria Hunt the SAMs".
  12. AdrianL

    AGM88 bug?

    While you can carry AGM-88 Harms on stations 4&6 you cannot deploy them. Was changed in the latest patch. Screenshot below of the update that Wags gave. It is linked earlier in the thread.
  13. Once you have downloaded the client you can setup your own server and then invite your friend(s). Adding a Server is really just clicking the '+' button and following the Wizard
  14. Can download it here. https://github.com/heclak/community-a4e-c/releases/tag/v2.0.0-beta-5.1 It is a free community module
  15. One factor to consider is that it must be easily reachable from the sea i.e. Super Carrier, Hornet, etc. All DCS maps currently ensure this
  16. In Wags video on the Hornet radar I noticed the perf over Guam was good, in addition to the new water effects. And so did others. See Wags reply to a comment on that video. It is getting worked on so hopefully everyone will be happy. You just need to be patient
  17. There is the KAFA mod but that is only visual as far as a know https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3309124/
  18. Next major patch is planned for September. From here
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