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  1. I know. The Viggen even allows Text Import... Every other model doesnt allow this. My usecase would be this: - Creating a Flightplan CombatFlite - Configuring the CMS - Targets - Threats - Radios - Exporting the txt/lua - Starting up DCS - Joining a Server - Pick a role - Load the prepared "DTC" ( aka the above txt/lua file) - Enjoy all prepared Waypints / Radios and continue my mission. Other than starting up the bird. Sitting there 10 min switching between UFC and F10 Map. I don't mind using the UFC t
  2. Would be great if ED started with enabling simple text/lua import as a DTC workaround. Ingame of course.
  3. Well. To be Fair, this topic was created in 2019. And the wish from Nighthawk was already granted. The CMS can be programmed outside the game... (editing Lua Files by editor / Combat Flite / Bailey's CMS Tools). The other needed DTC feature were announced in February 2019, but how this will be achieved and what features will make the cut, is unknown. - Mission Planning? Import of waypoints would be nice. - Radio Presets? - AA / AG Default MFD Setup The Roadmap at least mentioned this feature, but its in a low priority. Sadly.
  4. -> Start Here -> Github -> MCAD
  5. +1 This would be a gamechanger for DCS and VR. As a workaround, just use two shortcuts with "--force_disable_VR" and "--force_enable_VR" or use Skazilla's tool.
  6. +1. Just in case you dont know: You can use this mod to have this: Still works perfectly and is configurable.
  7. Never had this problem again with my Oculus Rift CV1 / Rift-S since I switched to a Inateck 3.0 USB PCI-e Card (Fresco USB Logic chip) . Back in the day, this USB-Chip was recommended by Oculus. Similiar to this. Gets power over a SATA Power Connector.
  8. Just select "Show Mouse in VR" and you get your mouse cursor back. Then you can stop using touch controller. The top Camera is missing. So anything about your head (or when you reach to your back for a weapon as an example) is not covered. Again, not something important for DCS. If you want to use your hands, look at PointCtrl. Never had it measured before. The Ruler variant gives me a lot of different values. Official G2 is capped out at 68mm. So this would work fine for you.
  9. Started with CV1, upgraded to Rift-S and have a Reverb G2 now. I'm not as enthusiastic as the two above. Reverb G2: Pro's: + Comfortable (IMHO better than the Rift S, but I disliked the Haloband) + Audio is good + Didnt hear complaints about microphone + Clarity in the center is great. Spotting is easier Neg's: - Cant deal with the sweetspot. Either my IPD does not fit the tiny adjustable range or I've bad lenses - My eyes are tired way quicker than in the Rift S - Windows Mixed Reality is a real PITA. Prefer even having Ocul
  10. I have created a Profile for DCS.exe. This max performance should only be active, if the game is running. So the GPU should never by Idle, correct?
  11. I normaly wait until I'm in the cockpit to start wearing the Reverb G2. The preview windows on my 2d screen is more than sufficient to get the game loaded. But this defintily has to be fixed...
  12. Are you running GeForce Experience? Disable the Overlay/Monitoring! Are you running fpsVR? Run it witout and just monitor your DCS Frames with LCTRL+Break Did you change your Registry so WMR doesnt add 3 extra screens on connection? Did you set any NVIDIA Settings? I made a profile for DCS with: Texture Max Performance Power Management to Max Performance VSync -> "FAST" Got playable on my 3080 with good frames (150% General/100%Game Specific Resolution)
  13. Normally I just wake it up in the WMR screen.
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