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  1. Still valid. Or use Skazilla's GUI to have a more comfortable way of handling the Standalone Edition.
  2. W7 was great. W8 was a desaster. 8.1 made it kinda work. You probably enjoyed vista as well. Win10 Settings are terrible, agreed. But the old Control Panel is still available and does the same as in Win 7. But whatever makes you happy
  3. Well, closest GPU is the 2080 S. That was your question, right? I just sold my 1080 TI for 650 bucks. Bought it 4 years ago for arround 780$. Crazy times. (and dont blame me... Auction starting price was arround 200$...) Why are you still running on Windows 8.1? I can understand people not wanting to update Windows 7... But Windows 8.1? Just get the migration tool and do a free upgrade. But DX12 wont help you much with DCS... but still worth to upgrade.
  4. Awesome stuff. Completly missed this project in this forum category. Glad I found the link via Reddit. Dont man the doorguns enough to build one myself, but the project idea is simply great.
  5. Yes, and at the same time enable refueling from both types without a separate aircraft.
  6. Still running stock. The stock normally stays between 4.8 and 5.1. So you telling me that at fixed 5.0GHz you have s buttersmooth experience? No sudden dropped frames? Last I used the G2 was in January. Might have to give this a try this weekend.
  7. This would rather be a job for arresting wires on runways. But this has also been on the wishlist for years.
  8. Ah, you got an early test device. Awesome. Thanks for the pics One final question: Whats the Dobber switch made out of?
  9. +1 But AI Tanker behavior and communications needs to be improved first.
  10. +1 A favorite Tab/filter would be perfect. And only scan for servers listed as favorites. If those are offline, show them as offline instead of showing nothing.
  11. I dont mind the boresighting at all. I really like all the realism advances on the viper and I would appreciate if all the other modules would receive the same treatment. - LGB Codes - Boresighting - HARM Scan times - etc But I'm not against options for simplifications, as long as those simplifications can be disabled on a MP Server.
  12. I got a 3080 and I dont really enjoy the performance . So your milage may vary.
  13. I ordered one yesterday. Nice to see another picture. -> https://www.simgears.com/ How are the buttons? A nice tactile click? Could you show a pic from the backside? Would like to know where they put the custom engraving. So they did send out ICP's with AA<->AG buttons mixed up? Thought they only had this issue on the first prototype they did the photoshooting on. Enjoy.
  14. In my opinion, Stick with the Rift S for the time beeing.
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