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  1. Is there a different method of upscaling the resolution that will work with the kneeboard?
  2. Possibly... but it is also reported here:
  3. Thanks, if you can keep me updated that would be great!
  4. Thanks for looking into it. I must be able to run at higher resolution because I do notice a change in pixel density and also because the the kneeboard disappears. Otherwise why have a resolution setting within DCS? If possible can you please report this and find a fix? Cheers.
  5. Hi, I have followed the steps you have given, the only difference is that I changed the in-game resolution to 3840 x 2160 (not DSR). I too have also noticed that when using the SU-25T the kneeboard is in the bottom left corner however, when I used the F18/16 it is no longer visible. Have you tried doing this method with these aircraft? When you make a change to the Nvidia DSR do you do it in global settings? What DSR factor should I change it to get 4K? I was messing with this earlier today and I don't think it made an impact to my in-game resolution.
  6. Can you reproduce or is the issue just at my end? Thanks.
  7. Hi, I am using the in-game settings and changing the resolution to 3840 x 2160. If the DCS resolution does not match your monitor's native resolution then the kneeboard will not show up. Do you think this will be an easy fix? Please can you keep me updated as I will prefer to play at 4K (sharpens edges/jaggies). Thanks.
  8. Hi, I found a solution! I normally run my resolution at 1440p (native) but recently changed this to 4K within DCS. If you upscale the resolution the kneeboard/charts will not appear on screen.
  9. Hi, Please find attached. I did notice that when I started this mission I got a notification Debug GP 2 or something in the top right corner? If you can let me know if there is something wrong that would be great thanks. dcs.log
  10. Hi, For some reason I cannot use my kneeboard in F18/F16. I have recently moved my saved games folder to a different drive so I initially thought that was the problem. As a result I uninstalled and re-installed the game but the issue is still there? I have tried pressing the kneeboard button on/off several times and changing the bindings but it will not show up. I also have verified the integrity of all files on steam and no errors are produced. I am on the latest beta. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks.
  11. Yes that's an example of what I'm talking about. Some times it can be more noticeable than that. Initially I thought it's to do with the way the light is reflecting around the canopy but this does not do it when SSAA is used.
  12. I think if you get airborne and get above a cloud layer and look to the horizon it is definitely there. As you move your head about or aircraft whilst looking at a layer at the horizon the clouds will "wobble" and jump up/down slightly. Near clouds don't do this but clouds in the distance will. I'm using Track IR also so I wonder whether that makes any difference? Can someone from ED acknowledge the issue?
  13. Hi, SSAA X 1.5 is bugged so don't use that. Another thread has covered this topic so if possible can we please talk about the cloud Jitter/jump issue when using MSAA only. Thanks.
  14. Yes I have my clouds set to Ultra and running at 4K resolution also. I don't want to use SSAA with MSAA as that also tanks my FPS.
  15. Hi, I don't know if this has been pointed out but since today's patch I've noticed when playing DCS in 2D with track IR, clouds will still jump up and down slightly when looking around. I believe that this has been fixed for VR users but the issue is still present in 2D. Does anyone else expierence this issue? I think the issue goes away when you use MSAA with SSAA but obviously at a cost of some FPS. Currently I am using MSAA X 2 with enhanced AA in NCP. If anyone knows a fix that would be great. Thanks. (Rtx 3080, 5600x, 32GB Ram, SSD, Track IR 5)
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