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  1. Allright, thanks. I´ll try to use the original loadout. as you mentioned, the HMCS makes a big difference and this probably has a big influence by itself. I´ll see and report back :)
  2. I am excited to fly the campaign. with all the good feedback, so far. Have you noticed any problems after converting the mission to the A-10C II ? Any problems due to different loadouts?
  3. Did you check your Axis-Bindings of all connected controllers? DCS assigns axis to every new controller by itself... i had some issues with that :)
  4. I use it the same way, but the slewing to a target point was very precise to me, so far. So the Mav looked directly to the spot where the target was, even if i didn´t get a lock right away... why should it lock something around the target? maybe when its very close it is understandable, but in my situation it locked something quite far from the targets position.
  5. I played the mission too. Just want to clarify that you cant lock on a laser with it, you have to take the detour over the tgp.
  6. You need to use that lasercode as LSS, its the code the TPOD is looking for, when pressing the LSS Button. The Tpod should look to the approx. direction. After pressing LSS the monitor will freeze until it finds the laser of the JTAC. Now you can press the lock button to set a new target point, the MavF can slew to. At the moment its possible that the Mav locks something on its way to the targetpoint, while slewing... Didnt find out if it is a bug or not. Edit: BTW the MavF is not the version that locks on a laser. It has an IR-Optical-Seeker.
  7. I got the same Issue, seems like a bug to me. When slewing to the designated target it always stops on its way, like an offset or so.
  8. Hi, guys. I have a disconnected grounding cable that is screwed onto the base and leads into the big black cable :) I removed the heat shrink tube at the beginning of the cable and found a metal-like insulation. Is this the place where I have to solder the ground cable? Does anyone know? Thanks EDIT: I think I found the grounding of the shielded cable ... so probably yes.
  9. Thank you Ranger, will try that tonight.
  10. Hey! Does anybody know if this is fixed with the new update 1 of 1.5.5?
  11. I know, maybe there is something I could do something with the editor without breaking the mission.
  12. Hey Guys, just Setup my Game and Hardware again to Play this Campaign but unfortunately I got this problem at mission 1. My wingman don't start there machines. Is there a workaround for this problem?
  13. Exactly the same problem here, the .bat worked lile a charme, thanks for chaering! :thumbup:
  14. I dont know how, but it works again. my PC made some win7-auto-updates... thats everything what changed...
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