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  1. Very old and very ugly model. I've wiped it out long time ago . :) May be a little later..
  2. Sorry, my English is too bad to explain. Something you're doing wrong. Ok. There are two ways. The first is to edit a file f-15.skins and replace the code value = 0.6; material = ("F15C_1", "standart", "F15C-1-07.bmp"); material = ("F15C_1_met", "standart", "F15C-1-07.bmp"); material = ("F15C_2", "standart", "F15C-2-02.bmp"); material = ("F15C_2_met", "standart", "F15C-2-02.bmp"); material = ("F15C_Numbers", "standart", "F15C-numbers-01.tga"); material = ("F15C_lattice", "standar
  3. С Днём Рождения, Женя !
  4. You are editing an existing skin? Or create a new skin-slot?
  5. You must use Modman to install mod.
  6. USSR_Gys71


    Thank you guys !
  7. Спасибо всем за поздравления :beer:
  8. Air intakes operates properly only on the player's plane - just as the default model works. AI can't operate them - this is a hardcode limitation.
  9. to Hunter1 post in your native language please
  10. F-15C FC2 Mod LINK F-15C FC1 Mod LINK Unfortunately I cannot check up the version for FC1. But should work. :)
  11. Ok, thanks. Now I shall reupload.
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