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  1. The game is too bright. Using the the standard gamma 2.2 will over blow lights seriously. I use a properly calibrated monitor and I find gamma 1.9, 2.0 much more accurate. Gamma 1.8 is already too dark.
  2. Dont worry, with Vulkan we will get back those 10 fps.
  3. Read the module manual (and learn manners)
  4. oh really? I can’t wait to try it, thank you so much for the help! already tried, amazing! I can see! I can see now!
  5. But mods can’t pass integrity check … we need an official solution from ED.
  6. Dora canopy reflections are atrocious in general, can’t see sheet.
  7. Can we integrate this on the official module please?
  8. Definitely! I already added your servers to my favorites
  9. I noticed this too. Longer loading times since last beta.
  10. I have been spending some time with the Dora lately and after many hours with the 109, P-47 or A8, I have to say that Dora's canopy reflections are very difficult to deal with, with certain light conditions you cannot see anything, zero. I think, this is an important issue since it affects directly to a core element, which is to "see" from the inside the plane. That new reflection tech, I hope it gets added to the Dora soon because it certainly needs it.
  11. I had 2 engine seizes online yesterday without mistreating it, can we get a fix please? @BIGNEWY
  12. Now that the mochi was released, can we get improvements on the Anton and other warbirds that need it?
  13. I use Vaicom Pro, please fix this. Dont brake DCS-BIOS (Flightpanels Fork), DCS without simpits would be just another wannabe sim. Hard with the cheater, but please keep in mind that many MODs make DCS better and should be treated with care.
  14. Can we fix the FW190A8 and Dora now? Long standing issues and bugs.
  15. HeatBlur announcing F4 Phantom next October 14?
  16. Exactly, while DCS UFC is also great, if you need custom interfaces for any module, TouchDCS is the number one. I am really glad I discovered and decided to jump in, my humble simpit is so much better now. While there is some learning curve, it is not difficult at all. You just a little bit of patience, the results are 100% worth the trouble. Discord have been very useful for me when asking for help, as well as github
  17. @Moridar actively helps me with anything, even with scripting I would never be able to code by myself. I already posted 2 aircraft templates but I plan to keep sharing stuff as I make progress. This is an awesome project no doubt. Let me share here my last panel for the BF109 K-4 as well. BF 109 K-4 Fuses panel Tomcat Display panel
  18. WW2 assets and Japanese warbirds, that is my wish. and optimization!
  19. With TouchDCS released officially, I started making templates for some modules, like the Tomcat. The template contains the "Fuses" panel and an "Indicators" panel. I plan on expanding it "later" with other useful panels. Feel free to modify, share etc. User Files link This is an incredible tool, the possibilities are endless. This is much more powerful than the Streamdeck or DCS UFC in my opinion. Whatever panel YOU NEED, in the tip of your fingers... If I could make my 1st template in such a short time, anyone can. TouchDCS info -> github Forum Thanks @moridar for creating this BF-109 K4.tosc Indicators Universal Phones 1.1.tosc
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