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  1. Very excited about the engine updates, curious when it will go live.
  2. Hi, Just recently started to try and record some flights in VR and I have some issues with the jitter and frame drops in the recording ( not in the headset). Questions: Should I record in 30fps or 60? DCS runs at 45 and is very smooth in the headset. Better to record in high resolution or upscale it in post production? I have a reverb g2 and tried to record in 1440p and then upscale it to 4k in post production. Should I reduce recording to 1080? Any tips on how to smooth out the recording to make it seem less shaky? Any other tips? For reference, here is how my recording turned out last night: https://youtu.be/zJ0qG0rE8GY BR
  3. Thanks. Yes, thats a problem, its also too long. Need 10-12cm
  4. Hi alll, Does anyone know of any good and reasonably priced curved extensions for the warthog? I now have a 10cm straight extension mounted on a warbrd base, but I'm looking for a curved extension to bring the stick a bit closer. I know Virpil sells one, but only 20cm. Looking for 10-12cm long. In advanced, thanks.
  5. Thanks a lot guys! Had much more success last night. Having a loadout was mainly to set up some kind of dissadvantage for me to get me defensive. I tried with a clean viper and was surprised how much easier it became.
  6. Hi all, I'm having troubles in defensive bfm in the Viper. Can't out rate or reverse the turns. I practice against Veteran AI Mig-29, SU-27 and JF-17. In the hornet I can just go slow and force a scissor fight and make the opponent overshoot. Works every time. Any tips for how to fight defensive bfm in the Viper? Edit: Forgot to mention my loadout. 2 120c, 4 9x, no tanks. I guess the drag is a factor but I dont know how much. The opponents are clean.
  7. Thanks, appreciate the input. I will do some more testing!9
  8. Thanks! I have 4.33 lbs Roll with NASA 140% and 8,05lbs Pitch with 80% NASA. Min BFA on both and -12 angle offset. Have no idea if thats somewhat "realistic" though, in the end it really doesnt matter but it would be interesting to get a close match to the real thing.
  9. Hi, Just received my FSSB-R3 mount yesterday ( amazing service btw, received 2 days after ordering) and I am very happy with it. I pair it with a TM warthog stick mounted on monstertech table mounts. I'm trying to create a realistic F-16 setting, but from what I've read the real stick requires a lot more force to move than the FSSB-R3 can handle ( 25lbs for pitch, 17lbs for roll). The max settings for the FSSB-R3 is 13lbs and that will make my table mounts unstable. What would be the most realistic setting for me? I assume the difference in mounting and g forces play a part in force input needed? Anyone with a similar setup would can share their settings? All input is greatly appreciated!
  10. Interesting! Do you know of any good training missions with this already set up?
  11. Tried a low level attack today with EOM mode. Flew in sub 300 ft AGL, popped up at 3-5nm range, fired and ran. Worked great. Much more fun and effective than my previous high alltitude attacks. Thanks guys!
  12. Thanks a lot guys, will try! Also, which mode and submode is the best for such low level attacks?
  13. That makes sense! Thanks!
  14. At the start of 2.7 I found it quite easy to take out an SA-10 site as a solo F-16 using the PB mode. I could fire one HARM at almost 70NM and take out the BB radar , and then move in closer to engage and take out the track radar. But recently all my HARM's are getting shot down by the sam site (using the same custom training misssion as before). I now fire at mach 1.1 and about 40k ft, I fire when fired upon so about 40-50nm, range. I've tried to shoot at max range but those also get shot down. Is there any way I can make it harder for the SAM site to shoot down my HARMS? Optimal altitude/speed/range, different mode? Fire at the BB before the 10? I assume that a solo F-16 is supposed to have issues with a SAM10, but found it wierd that it suddenly became much harder. Any input is appreciated, thanks!
  15. Hello When using HARM together with the TGP, the HARM POS mode is looking at my TGP location, not the selected steerpoint. Is this a bug or working as intended? This happens when I have boresighted my mavericks on the ground and leave the TGP looking at the selected "alignment target" (I know that HARMs/TGP/MAVS is probably not a common loadout (or perhaps not used at all IRL), but I use it for training purposes). Then, when I'm airborne and enter HARM POS mode, the HUD symbology and HSI is navigating me towards the TGP location ( in my case back to the airfield where I boresightet my mavericks) and not towards my selected steerpoint. The "bug" is solved whenever I recenter my TGP back to the selected steerpoint (which I probably should do anyway after boresighting). In advance, thanks! EDIT: Track file uploaded POS TGP bug.trk
  16. Same issue here, did you find a fix? edit: Changing the weather setting in the ME seemed to fix it.
  17. Great trainer, really useful to identify where Im screwing up! Thanks Bankler! Downloaded this earlier this week with 50-60 score and yesterday I managed two 70's back to back.
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