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  1. Hi As we know the Hornet can be quite a systems admin hog and not as slick as the viper requiring more heads down time (at least IMO) Question is how much of this admin is done prior to take-off IRL So would a pilot on the deck of the carrier set up:- Flare / chaff profiles Laser codes for mavs / LGB's Fuse types Lat / longs for some missiles / bombs Other weapon profiles HARM profiles Radio Frequencies Other stuff or is all this stuff done post take-off Cheers
  2. is there a way to display the chaff Flare quantity?? I can see it on the SA page if the dispenser switch is set to on but if its set to override (which I set it to most of the time) the display disappears and I can't see it anywhere else So three questions...... 1. should it disappear on the SA page when override is selected or is this a 'bug'] 2. Should it not also appear on the stores page (it is a store after all) 3. is there an alternate method to display them or do I need to get used to setting up a profile in the EW pages? Thanks for any insight
  3. Ah sorry - did not know you had to be in 'Nite' Mode - you learn something every day!
  4. The dimmer knob on the fuel panel does not function
  5. Question When in A2G mode and the attack radar is in GMT or Sea and the sweep line goes across the screen, I thought the bright side of the sweep line should flip on its return journey So as the sweep line goes right to left the bright area is to the right of the line (indicating the latest refreshed bit) As the sweep goes from left to right the bright(er) area is to the left of the sweep line Currently the bright area is always to the right on both sweeps Bug or how its on the real jet ?
  6. I have scenery detail factor set to 0.6 in DCS options and grass to 250 --- thats with my 3080ti..... so you should be at least the same i would have thought
  7. I would do / try 3 things Steam motion smoothing to - force on (not just enabled) In WMR has an option in its display settings of:- Experience Options - set it to Optimise for performance Set this parameter in your Autoexec.cfg file in C:\Users\xxxxxx\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Config options.graphics.stereo_mode_use_shared_parser = true I have steam global setting set to 64% and then DCS to 100% rather than the other way round - doubt it makes a difference but you could try that too Open XR settings are irrelevant as its not used I think you should be able to set the graphics options higher than you have assuming not a massive gap between the 3080ti and the 3070 you have
  8. I know both the VR bugs of- render distance differing per eye Usng options.graphics.stereo_mode_use_shared_parser = true causes,,, cockpit flood light to render one eye smoke to flicker in one eye no shadows of crew members on the the super carrier have both been reported..... WMR has an option in its settings of:- Experience Options Optimise for performance Best visual quality Only when using Optimise for performance it does trigger the render distance difference bug. Then when selecting the parser to be true it fixes the render distance issue but causes the other issues listed above Also note that with the optimise for performance with my system for the first time I can run the channel map @ fixed 45 FPS so it clearly does optimise performance So my plea is for ED to please fix the parser issues Thought this may help a few people understand the issues and to try the option for optimise for performance and parser to be true as the flickering smoke whilst not great is prob worth the performance gain
  9. I prob have more headroom on the gulf map hence its less noticeable maybe Maybe the issue is map agnostic So an AA ATFLIR issue (note there is not the same issue on the litening pod in AA)
  10. Added a track to the 1st post and my system in sig Also to mention this issue is in VR
  11. When using the new ATFLIR on the Syria map, triggering the AA mode causes massive stutters / FPS issues when the video comes up on the DDI This does not happen in AG mode with ATFLIR This does not happen with AA or AG mode with the litening pod This does not happen on other maps apart from Syria (edit - note it may just be more pronounced on the Syria map) Can reproduce it 100% of the time F18 Syria AA ATFLIR issue.trk
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