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  1. And lets not forget the security factor here. If you visit some of these download pages, there are a couple of DOWNLOAD HERE buttons, but they're basically malware. I wonder how many people have killed their Windows install by clicking on the wrong link. With an integrated tool, we could do checksumming and cryptographical verification in order to prohibit corrupted files from entering the system.
  2. Ok, seems like an animation bug. On the other hand, what does fixing this really accomplish? AFAIK your gear gets damaged with such a big crater anyway and most of the time the airplane is stuck and then game over, so why even driving through it? But thanks for pointing it out, I would never have found this bug.
  3. Can you please clarify what "put in settings" means? Do you set your bindings up in the DCS settings menu or do you use an old config file? The reason I'm asking is that the settings menu has different subcategories now. I also lost some key bindings due to the new structure. Can you reset your settings manually, then press ok, quit DCS, then start up and retry your custom bindings? Further steps would be more aggressive, let's try the gentle way for now.
  4. I didn't say it's a solution, it certainly isn't. I used the word workaround. IMO it's better to fly without the canopy, but still fly, than crash down right away. If you can't live with DCS currently, these are your options: 1. quit 2. fly stable 2.5.6 3. rant on None of the three get you or me closer to a solution. Don't forget, we're talking beta here and beta means "something wrong", I've never encountered a bug free beta in my life as a professional.
  5. Certainly, it's DCS not MSFS 2020, the military function trumps the visual appearance. I wouldn't even care if huge areas like north of Rhine / Ruhr, e.g. Münster and above up to Bremen / Bremerhaven look like plain fields with a few roads and occasionally some villages (there aren't many anyway). The Fulda gap is important because of Frankfurt. And I'm not talking about the fairytale of Russian tanks that blast over the Autobahn and reach Frankfurt in three hours, take the gold and leave. There were only 10% of our gold reserves in Frankfurt during the cold war, maybe even less. T
  6. The only major cities that need detail are Berlin, Hannover, Hamburg, Nürnberg. They're of strategic value and close to the border. And by detail I don't mean every supermarket and bus station, but rather the important bridges, (supply) roads, airfields, helipads (didn't realize Berlin had so many back then, but makes sense) and so forth. Yeah NRW, but far away from the action. Granted, airfields like Dortmund or Essen would've quickly taken by NATO troops as supply interlinks. But that doesn't mean the level of detail has to be near that of the inter-German border. I mean, once RE
  7. You're right, of course you wouldn't want a static area like in the picture to be high fidelity. The degree of detail needs to go with the importance of the objects, whether it's a small town, a bridge, roads, besides the obvious AFB. Deformable terrain for important spots could be a magnificent improvement and allows for tactic considerations not possible right now. Also I didn't realize that the maps are flat and computed as such. I always had the impression that above 45000 feet I could see the curvature of the atmosphere. Learning every day...
  8. Another user in another thread rolled back to the initial 2.7 version and flew one 2h mission and one 3h mission without any crash or hickup. If you can live without MP for the time being, maybe that's a viable workaround for you.
  9. Great basketball players train the basics every day. Football players too. There's also a lot of fun in dodging 6 SAMs or landing in the harshest conditions at night. I don't believe the game is dead without MP. But I agree, it's not the same experience.
  10. Something like this comes to mind. The bright rectangle is the "hot" zone or high fidelity zone, the less saturated the low fidelity zone.
  11. The reason I'm a proponent for Germany, not because I'm German, but because I have a problem with the particular Black Sea region on the Caucasus map. It's kinda generic, flat in a sense. I mean, what can you do? Yes you could place half a dozen American aircraft carriers into the Black Sea and artificially create a massive conflict. But how in hell did they get there? Secondly, the Caucasus mountains defy any decent ground offensive on their own, even without any hostile engagements. To be blunt, I don't see either the spice in the Caucasus region nor room for interesting exploits
  12. Well east of Berlin it's only ~ 80 KM to the Polish border anyway, and there's literally nothing, just a few small towns. Then comes Frankfurt Oder at the border to Poland. The Oder river and its' bridges being a top priority target for BLUFOR since it would stop reinforcements for a few days. It's not a small river, people drowned trying to cross the German border, thus no small bridges. You are right Northstar98, there's probably no way to avoid those RAF bases. If ED gave me personally two options: 1. Do you want east and north Germany with all the bells and whistles and ev
  13. Oh nein der russische Staat hasst nichts mehr als amerikanische Closed Source Software. Neben Indien ist Russland einer der Treiber der Entwicklung von Open Source Technologien. Die Fähigkeiten der amerikanischen Geheimdienste, oder besser gesagt deren Bekanntwerden, haben für ein Umdenken gesorgt. Außerdem, wer hat denn die MiGs? Richtig, die NATO. Ich denke nicht, dass wir neue russische Flugmuster bald sehen werden, verständlicherweise. Die alten russischen Flugmuster hat die NATO in echt, dazu braucht man kein DCS. Dazu brauchte man die NVA und für den Rest Cash in Koffern. Auc
  14. Natürlich ist eine Beurteilung schwierig, ohne alle Informationen zu haben. Wie Du aber meinem Avatar und Namen entnehmen kannst, bin ich ganz gut darin, Situationen mit unvollständigen Information beurteilen zu müssen. Ich gebe Dir Recht, dass ED für ein so kleines Team einen großartigen Job geleistet hat. Das Problem ist aber, das sieht man aktuell mit dem "Beta 2.7 Gejammer", dass die Ansprüche der Community ebenfalls steigen. Auch die Community geht von der jüngsten Entwicklung aus. Außerdem, und das verstehen viele Außenstehende falsch, wird der Source Code nicht bedingungslos
  15. BIGNEWY said it in another thread. The dev team is aware of the fact and the wakes will get some love soon.
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