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  1. I have this issue as well, only happens in MP never in SP. I've never had it happen on any server other than Growling Sidewinder's (though that's usually the server I'm on). AMD 5300M, it happened on 20.10 as well as my current software It's very annoying, has anyone found a dirty fix or workaround?
  2. Thanks for the input. After some messing around it seems to be a glitch with steam. I wiped it out again and set it to just download the game and aircraft, leaving the scenery out (as it said it would fit). After 1 minute it showed installed, but with Persian Gulf installed (Steam thinks it isn't installed). Still 130GB. I can now select Syria to install and it seems to think it will fit on my HD again. Very odd but again, seems to be a Steam glitch not DCS.
  3. Hello all, I decided to wipe and reinstall DCS Steam Open Beta after it started crashing a lot. Previously I had switched to stable and then switched back to beta. However I started getting a lot of random crashing so I wanted a clean slate install. I have 4 modules - FC3, F14, Syria and Persian Gulf. Original size on disk ~ 120GB Steam download was 98GB Got up in the morning and it said 'ready to play' but when I clicked play it came up with an error and said a file was missing. It immediately reset the download to 32GB out of 98GB. The folder size at this point was 135GB. I got up this morning to an error that said 'not enough disk space'. So I wiped the failed install again and clicked install. Except now it says the download size is 179GB (and beyond the max possible space I could clear up on my SSD). Anyone else having issues with wildly changing install sizes?? Why would a game that was just installed at 120GB now take up 179GB?? How much does other peoples install take up? Doesn't make any sense.
  4. I upgraded to 2.7 to check out the new ERs and you are right they do seem significantly more lethal. I've been running through the Persian Gulf 4v4 mission (15C with AMRAAM vs Flankers) multiple times attempting to beat it. It must have been designed since before the 120C was added since I've found it almost impossible to beat. (I can beat the 2v2 almost with my eyes closed. For fun, I took the mission and swapped the SU27 out for the SU35S, and loaded my flight up with 2x R37 and 4x R77M just too see if ordinance made a difference, and I beat it almost without trying. Being the first one able to fire a missile and force your opponent defensive seems probably the most important part of BVR combat. Even so, I think I'm going to stick with the Flanker. It seems to me to be the perfect platform to force you to learn good tactics, because that's the only way to succeed with it
  5. Perfect that's what I was hoping... DCS is billed as a simulation not a game; if there was nerfing going on for the sake of gameplay, well that just wouldn't be a simulator now would it! All the explanations make perfect sense to me. Curious as to why in your loadout you opt for more ERs than 77s? Maybe I just haven't learned how yet, but I'm struggling to defeat 120cs by just cranking. I find I have to pretty much go cold which makes my ERs go stupid.
  6. Hi all, Just started flying and I've been using the Flanker as it's a personal favourite of mine and it has great tutorials. Curious as to why you can only load ETs onto the wing pylons? I've discovered the SU27 is at a serious disadvantage in BVR combat due to it's lack of Fox3 ordinance. The best strategy it seems is to hid low and sneak using IRST and 27ETs... except you can only load 2 of them. Is there a real world reason the ETs can't be loaded on the fuselage, or has this been done just to nerf the Flanker? If nerf.. why do they feel the need to weaken the only aircraft incapable of carrying Fox3s? Genuinely curious here.
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