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  1. I never had the sync Hotas setting enabled, Axis appear ok, have left rudder pedals disconnected for now. Sure is a very serios sim. Once again thanks
  2. Hi all very new here, trying to follow the A10II C training flight for HOTAS, I get put in auto pilot mode and the trainer talks me through the different buttons, hats etc then all a sudden, the auto pilot disengages and i spiral ground words and I crash. My question is this Is there a recommended Warthog combo profile that I can download from somewhere I also have TM MFD and Crosswinds MFG pedals in my setup. Many thanks for any help? Kind regards Humpster
  3. Hi Really glad to have joined this community been playing militray flight sims since the days of DI Tornado, Janes Series from EA and of course Falcon 1-4 and using the orginial Thrustmaster FLCS, then when the genre seemed to die with the broken release of Falcon 4 I lost track of what was going hoping to get into the in depth sims on here. HumpsterJ
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