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  1. just tried to install the standalone version and as it was unpacking, i got an error message about a transfer error. any help is greatly appreciated autoupdate_log.txt
  2. im in the same boat. i had to reinstall everything
  3. steam is almost never accurate, and its out now
  4. its confirmed to be releasing today
  5. i really hope we get that Georgian one you posed. the red isnt a color you see in camo everyday and i think it looks pretty cool
  6. that sight desperately needs some anti-aliasing. still pumped though! fingers crossed for the 16th
  7. My guess is they will be contextual but thats just my guess. Like hat switch up to look for targets, then say hat left for tanks, trucks, infantry, etc
  8. thank you! does that mean we are getting a Ukrainian skin at launch, or just Russian, Syrian, and Iraqi?
  9. how would one get access to this discord server?
  10. agreed. 23% off the time I'm just flying around admiring the beauty of whatever aircraft I'm flying. a cargo/passenger compartment view would be awesome, especially if there's a way to see actual troops loaded in the back. i do remember seeing a screenshot of the passenger compartment on the steam store page. the only way I could see any use for having the AI fly while you're in the back is if you are a door gunner, which iirc is coming late EA or on full release
  11. yes. i saw wags say that in the comments of the take off video. definitely looking forward to that absolute beast of a cannon
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