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  1. @K-51 - Got mine today! No issues with Customs whatsoever. Looks fantastic, sir! Def a quality piece of kit. Can't wait for the Apache, now!!
  2. Has anyone that's within the US had any issues with this coming through Customs at all? Any tips/suggestions to ensure a smooth process? I definitely don't want to lose the cash if Customs seizes it.
  3. ED just pushed a very small patch, but no mention of this. Assuming we'll have to wait until next week's patch for the fix? Is there maybe something I could adjust myself manually so I can fly it in the little bit of free time I do have this week?
  4. I think we are all kinda waiting for a reply from him at this point...Not sure if/when that might come.
  5. @baltic_dragon- Any chance we could get you to take a look at this and see what might be going on? Thanks.
  6. I gave up after the fifth attempt. If I have to type those freaking GPS coordinates in one more time I'm going scream. I'm glad I'm not the only one having the problem. It sucks, because I wanted to finish the campaign this weekend. Now I'm not touching it again until I see Baltic's response.
  7. I have a problem even before this. That first SAM that launches, when it says it's not tracking and it went ballistic - it locks me and kills me EVERY TIME. I'm pretty sure you designed it that way, and it doesn't lock onto anyone I've watched do the mission on youtube and whatnot. I'm in formation in the correct spot. I have ECM XMIT on, I've tried dumping chaff and evading with no success. I don't understand what I'm doing wrong.
  8. Hello, K51!! Please add me to the list for your collective - to be shipped to the US. I'm assuming the same delivery estimation of ~ three months, though I think I've overlooked current pricing. Also curious if you intend to offer a "some assembly required" kit for a reduced cost at all. Cheers!
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