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  1. So are these update files deleted after the update or are they in a temp folder somewhere and cleared afterwards? I'm getting low on SSD space myself. I have already Linked tons of stuff to D drive to save space on the ssd.
  2. To me it feels like LOMAC all over again. My gtx 760's 2600k at 4.8ghz 8gb ram and SSD exhibit the same behavior as my old amd xp2800 and Radeon 9700pro with 1 gig ram and 7200rpm HD. Shooting the ground with my f15 it froze for 5 seconds as I crashed into the building I was shooting. I hope they can iron it out so I don't have to upgrade more parts to fly the new updates.
  3. I get stutters pretty often sometimes freezes for 2 seconds. fps go from 60 my max fps in lua to 20 for no apparent reason. I think It could be vram but I only fly at 1080p with very few options ticked high. Just textures the rest are medium with low shadows and flat terrain shadows. 4XAA 8AF in game. 2600k 4.8ghz SLI gtx 770SC 2gb Custom SLI profile that keeps 60fps on the runway at vegas. 8gb ram crucial SSD 1tb HD
  4. Look into link shell extension. It works fine that way. Just do a google search for moving a game to an SSD using link shell extension. Pretty simple.
  5. I would say since it is a feature on the 1080 and the 1070's I looked at the opposite should be true. SLI is major boost when it is supported or can be hacked to work. I played wings of prey and came up with the SLI bits to make that work on old gtx 260's back in the day. It still looks great today.
  6. With the gtx 770SC's in SLI the buildings are no longer flickering. Havent bothered to run with clouds on yet. I'll wait for a proper SLI update. Plenty of other things to play right now.
  7. It runs on my 2x560ti's but everything flickers not just the clouds. I'm getting 2 770sc's thursday hope that will help the flickering buildings. I havent even began to try and fly till this gets sorted. I can deal with clouds but not all the buildings jumping all over the screen.
  8. I copied the new updater from the temp file into the DCS/Bin directory and it is updating now. Fingers crossed
  9. I had this issue before but have been out of the game for quite sometime. It has something to do with the way I have my ssd temp files lined to D: drive. --- Log file: C:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World 2 OpenAlpha\autoupdate_log.txt === Log opened UTC 2016-10-30 21:32:56 INFO : DCS_Updater/ (Windows NT 6.1.7601; Win64; en-US) INFO : cmdline: "D:\WINSYS~1\USERS\LOCAL\TEMP\DCS.openalpha\DCS_updater.exe" --apply selfupdate "C:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World 2 OpenAlpha\bin\DCS_updater.exe" STATUS: Initializing... INFO : basedir: C:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS
  10. I'm hoping someone releases an updated working version with a keyboard .diff.lua so I can fly again. I tried another profile I found in user files and I was lost. Muscle memory wont let me use a diff profile.
  11. Guess I should have read this before i cleared all keyboard and x52 functions. SSSSSSSSSHHHHHooooooooTTTTTT!!!!!!
  12. Ya tried that after it didn.t work the first time. Will see if the dload completes this time. Update...Its installed now and working now to get some airtime!
  13. I dont have any problem with any other programs/games on my pc. How else properly would you like me to install it than the default folders? I am the admin of the PC and run as admin makes no difference. UAC is also disabled. The update failed with error server overloaded and now I'm back to square 1. Updating again by copying the temp folder updater.exe over to the default install directory/bin folder.
  14. That just stops the update process. Thx for trying though. Somehow tinkering and copying over the new updater.exe I got it to start updating...I Think! Will report back.
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