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  1. got it working!! Thank you!! (sorry for the late respons)
  2. Well... I tried to day... free flight, under 250 knots, gear out, flaps out.... but my E bracket is waaaaay down like 12-14 degrees down angle. I have no Idea if I have to trim nose up or down. Meanwhile in free flight my load out is not symmetrical, so my plane want to go to the left as well what I am trying to trim... grrrr What I do: Slow down by throttle, when I get under 250 knots, Gear out (for the E bracket) and flaps on full. But it looks like I am falling out of the sky....
  3. @CBStu thank you... I will try that this evening!! Sounds easy to try and absolutely useful! Thanks! using your feedback for my nots. 14 pages of it already!
  4. So when do you trim? You do your gear after the turn, how do you manage the parallel to runway flight and the 3,5G turn? That's where I am already fighting the plane Or is it, you set your speed according your (ICLS?) orange circle and if you lose your E-bracket, you just trim up or down?
  5. Thank you! A lot of screens with a lot of settings, this is mainly when starting of BVR engagement I assume.
  6. hi, Is this the same training only for CV and with points so you can see how to improve? I would be scoring 0 on every mission (and never landing since I s*ck even on land to do it by the book). Or does the training verbally guide you through the actions?
  7. Hi, Doing more and more training sessions and concerning weapon systems. And was wondering what you guys set up when going into a battle. I now have EWS on the left screen, ECM setting XMIT, setting dispenser op ON. Right screen I have Radar. Is that how you go into battle? Do you change ECM to REC when enemy is within xx(?) miles.
  8. hello, I watched several items about trim and even though I manage to land my plane every time I don't use it. It's not that I don't know how to use it, it's just that I have no feeling with it. I know it's a balance between throttle and trim. Yesterday I did the training and trimmed some and played with the throttle but I have no clue what I am doing, basically I am still flying it in just with a trimmed plane. I see these people turning the plane, 3,5G or some 30degrees bank angle.. and they fly so smooth while I feel like a F1 driver trying to make the green boxes in the training mission. I do the HSI, TACAN, Course line. What do I do with the course line? Line it along the runway? Anyone have any pointers for a newby?
  9. I have seen the mirror option in DCS. Does the real FA-18 have these mirrors? Or is it an 'game' option?
  10. Hi, I was configuring my hotas and wanted to allocated a toggle switch for turning on the lights. Then I got confused by external lights vs taxi lights. What is the difference? ----- I have a switch which I have given 2 options, to fold wings and unfold wings. There are a lot of fold wing options for the FA-18. Which Can I use to fold -unfold?
  11. when I fly flight with no hotas input other that my keyboard, this is already happening.
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