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  1. jo mei... Im Zeitalter von guuhgl dränslehd woin die Hingschissenen oalle Schiller und Goethe seih.. oba zündl bei uns nurs Einidenkn obad jetzart des Götz- oder des Qualtinger-Zitat passert.... echad jetz'
  2. may I - just for the sake of it - remind of common sense - and wiring. Demos and PR are exactly that... actual system capability is something else - or why were B-52s until very recently carrying precision munitions draggily around on external pylons with empty cavernous bomb bays... We will get to enjoy a "24 P" - which is very muched spelled differently from "35 <<enter letter here>>" The former has cabletree wiring for 4 stations with 2 channels each, the latter a cabletree on one station for module carriers up to 8 channels. Variations will see the light of
  3. all good, just asking - and this is a very prudent decision.
  4. just a question: Is it an oversight that there are no Su-25T slots in the "Phone Booth" map mission? Someone wanted to play Phone Booth and fly one but made me aware that only Grachs are available, not Ts. If it is an era/version consideration I am sure weapon availablity could mitigate that, imho ofc.
  5. well... first of all, you should not have ANY AV suite running when you start DCS. It does not matter how much you have whitelisted, empty out your system tray in general, nothing unecessary. DCS has ancient first core single thread code lurking around in core functions and keylogs everywhere creating bottlenecks anyway (with the client system being at almost zero load!!). Next - the issue with the serverlist will happen arbitrarily, it just has to do with how that get-request was coded (or rather, once coded as an afterthought and then never ever addressed anymore even with a
  6. https://leatherneck-sim.mantishub.io/view.php?id=1134
  7. btw OP: latest video clears it up - without acknowledging that the video comment scriptline was wrong (we all have vanities) - he is OPENING the valves TO SEAL the canopy. Which means the cabin is run with slight overpressure and the rubber seals in both canopies/doors are inflated to (somewhat) hermetically seal the crew compartment. And as always in life.. it was an imprecision in formulation, nothing else.
  8. <same as in "general"> and/or in-module doublebinding
  9. see - in the end YOU are the person with more information to chime in... and thus we are back that maybe everything is in order... all follows common sense and logic and it was just a double lapsus in commentary probably caused by an internal miscommunication
  10. picture label in OP of this thread: inscription <- Закр / откр -> mounted BELOW the valve-wheel, inscription arrow left "close", arrow right "open" --> counterclockwise turn means "opening valves" demo module label in Wags-Video: inscription <-open / close -> mounted ABOVE the valve-wheel, inscription arrow left "open", arrow right "close" --> counterclockwise turn means "opening valves" from youtube: huh?... well... soviet era tech can be strange... but if that is how it works.. that is how it is... assumption: sooo - again in
  11. caveat: this label as shown in the picture is mounted BELOW the valve-wheel. In the module demo the lable is mounted ABOVE the valve-wheel. by this logic a clockwise turn would close the valves, and a counterclockwise turn would open them. And while in the video at timestamp 2:58+ the line "next... ... and close those" was dropped, while making a counterclockwise turn of the valve-wheel. Also opening the valve as both labels would indicate. The hind is flown with constant cabin overpressure (slight), not for altitude but for ABC (well BC) - protection of
  12. Ahem... that was exactly what I typed, unless the nuance and the use of quotation marks evaded you. I am very much aware of the original design outline, later realities and - as I typed - the extent of application in the originally intended purpose. But - unrelated - being an integrated squad with its own support (literally as the "BMP" methapor implies) is different from the definition of "a" or any form of "troop transport". But apart from that, it is futile to attempt to discuss either of the two topics in an exchange in a DCS forum, there is extensive factual information about it
  13. it's there are standards to be upheld if memes are to be applied
  14. rogorogo

    Trains ?

    iirc, if the "civilian traffic" setting is turned completly down/off in a/any participating client, the trains will not show up for those clients, even if deliberately populated. They are environmental scenery objects after all, not mission objects part of an asset pack. But please treat this with caution, idek if you populate a track or actually place the object - I just wanted to help with information that lingered in the background of my distracted grey matter, for those that might glance at this (not for the OP, who by now hopefully knows... many years later )
  15. out of earnest interest - what made you have that impression? The Shaitan-Arba/Glass/Crocodile/Hind - P uses a SACLOS system, the sight operated by the pilot-operator is gyrohydraulically stabilized against vibration but not even independently stablized, it also has a 2 stage stepladder launch authority with weapon release by the pilot-commander. The only way I could think (aka suspect without proper research) of "guiding" two projectiles at the same time would be to get one on a - stationary - target and then launching another one, effectively releasing the first into unguided traje
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