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  1. Pilotasso you dont understand. Shipping costs with natural point were US$39! ($50australian). That has nothing to do with tax. It's called 2-3 day delivery from across the pacific :P However NP have added another shipping option for $8 2-4 weeks delivery...
  2. The su25t is not a brand new plane in lomac, its more of a semi new plane. Youd be suprised how long it takes to model and skin the plane and the cockpit ;) im not complaining or degrading EDs work on it tho, its very well done.
  3. I think 1.1 is borderline between a patch and an addon. It fixes alot of bugs from 1.02 and really ads stuff that should have been there before (patch). However the amount of tweaking is fairly amazing with all the updated FMs and weapons systems (addon). The new su25t is fairly overated, sure its a "new" plane. But its basically just the su25 with an advanced avionics system. But i think its worth giving them $50 to keep the development going for sure. Its just postage sux :P
  4. Were not really complaining, its just dissapointment. Were very happy your selling the boxed version :) My only 'annoyance' is that NP uses a courier basically (3 day delivery) which costs $39US, isnt that a bit over the top for a game? ive ordered stuff from overseas and its cost much, much less.
  5. I think if you just try it out and have fun with the ruskie planes, youll get to love 'em.
  6. Seems like a bit of a waste of money and time. I'd much rather an ACESII replica seat :) without all the extra costs of speakers and vibration.
  7. Whilst you could say complaints are a form of 'nagging', it's still feedback to the developer, even if it's negative. How are companies suppose to know what they've done right or wrong if only the "positive" feedbacks are taken seriously and listened to? "dont buy it then.. stop nagging.." that is not a correct type of response to someone giving negative feedback. A more appropriate message, would be "wait for a 2nd hand copy or find some sort of alternative legitimate way of obtaining Flaming Cliffs if this simulation is not within your budget". Just because people are negative about the g
  8. Well in all fairness, whilst it is up to the consumer wether or not they will purchase your product; i suggest you pay respect to consumers with complaints such as the ones in this thread. A $50 charge for an addon is rather steep, especially the nature of this one; however whilst saying that, i'm sure the ED team probably deserves all the money they can get. Just remember, without your customers, you guys dont have a job.
  9. Hehe, i have an AMD and a 2600+ cpu. I've had stuttering once and thats it. I think it could be related to system specs with certain types of memory.
  10. What is the correct speed for 1.1? anyone know yet? "It is NOT lag...i know the difference...i used to be on 56K so why don't you calm down and listen...." sorry mate, was only trying to help
  11. Well, from his description "I see planes around me go from right beisde me to about 500 feet away" that sounds exactly like lag warping. However consistently is def a pc problem (ive had it before, just restart my pc and its fine - fairly rare tho). Whats your system specs?
  12. Yeah, i sent a PM to jim about the contact details for PCA melbourne... I checked the Pricing on the Natural Point website (just went through the whole filling out details to see how much total cost would be). The game is about $39US and postage is $39US aswell. Which is a little over $100AU.
  13. Calm down. Its called lag....get a faster connection and connect to someone with a fast connection. Check your ping whilst in game to see if ur lagging. Anything about 150 will most likely cause warping.
  14. In certain situations such as engine malfunctions it is VERY important that you have individual engine control.
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