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  1. They work if: Rotational knob is turned up, not fully, otherwise it will burn out soon. About 70% turned up works for me Engine RPM is above certain value, I think about 8000. It takes some time to illuminate as well.
  2. Hi, I found this to be connected with going too fast with drop tanks attached. For the 400Ls, you must stay below 900 kph indicated, otherwise you get permanent wing twist, which stays in place also when the tanks are jettisoned. I found nothing wrong with going fast without tanks.
  3. Ok, but it should be possible to eject the pilot no matter the position of the air conditioning valve, right? This is not possible for me atm.
  4. Not sure about the key bindings for operating the canopy, but yes, ejection has stopped working for me some updates ago.
  5. Hi, I just want to bump this thread; I do experience this error also in the BF-109 as well as the Mig 15 (not sure if I have to make separate threads, since it is the same error). It occurs to me only since the 2.7 update. Pitot heating simply does not seem to work anymore.
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